How to be a KPop fangirl

Christian Melanie Lee
A lot of my friends are into KDrama. They're hooked over Goblin actor Gong Yoo, Descendants of the Sun's Song Joong Ki, among others. In my case, I'm a KPop fangirl.

I started out as a KPop fan in 2003 when I watched one of BoA's music video or MV, Atlantis Princess on channel V.  During that time, we don't have an access on Internet and also I'm exploring different music genres when I listened to her song.

SM Entertainment's BoA
Fast forward to 2008, my brother's into Girls' Generation (he liked Yoona.) and played one of Super Junior's song while reading stuff online. I was able to enjoy their music through YouTube. I wasn't able to watch two of their SuperShow concerts here in Manila in 2010 and 2013. In April 2015, I had a chance to see them for Best of Best in Manila.

What makes me a KPop fangirl? I learn some Korean phrases such as omo/omo na (Oh My), Hwaiting! (cheer for good luck and encouragement), and spazz (means it's your body’s reaction to something that makes you excited), among others. I always read the latest news about KPop.

Super Junior during Best of Best in Manila 2015

There's one instance that I asked a fellow blogger friend to buy me Super Junior's food merchandise while she's having a vacation in Seoul. My alert tones on my mobile phone are songs from Super Junior. My playlist on Spotify is comprised of Super Junior's songs from their six albums since 2005. 

If you're wondering if I'm listening to other KPop groups, I'm also into SHINee, Red Velvet, and f(x). I can't splurge on KPop merchandise and concert tickets because I can enjoy it by listening to their music and watch videos on YouTube. I would rather iponing (saving up in KPop lingo) for emergency funds. Though some of my friends who also drool over KPop groups, it's their choice to see their ultimate bias (means favorite in KPop lingo) by saving up to watch them up close and personal. 

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