4 ways to spot a concert junkie

Christian Melanie Lee

When you say concert junkie, what comes into your mind? They are fond of watching concerts all the time. In my case, whenever I have time to cover concerts in my free time, I always see to it that my responsibilities at work will not be neglected.

During Unleashed last year

Here are 4 ways on how to spot a concert junkie:

1. Social media updates about their favorite band

There’s one instance that some of them changing their names and photo of their favorite artist on Facebook. I have a friend who loves Super Junior. She always see to it that she shares daily updates about her fandom thru her social media accounts. She watched this KPop group thrice. Once you’re hooked into KPop, you can’t get out of it.

2. Collecting concert merchandise

Perks from Chvrches' meet and greet 

I’ve known several concert fanatics who kept their tickets, and bought concert merch as souvenirs. If they missed out to buy it during the concert, some of them ask their friends overseas to buy a particular merch.

3. Updated what’s happening about their band’s world tour

Some of these fangirling kiddos glued over Twitter updates about their favorite band’s next stop for the concert tour.

I have a friend who recently watched Coldplay. She attended two Coldplay concerts in Singapore, then she went to see them for the third time here in Manila. One of her plans is to watch the last leg of the band’s concert in Paris soon.

4. Finding a way to watch their favorite artist’s concert

Whether it’s a mall tour or concert, they blocked off the day just to take a glimpse of their favorite member of a band. I overheard a fan story just weeks before The 1975 concert two years ago. She skipped school just to buy a ticket, attended their mall shows and concert.

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