Are you ready for Paradise International Music Festival 2018?

Christian Melanie Lee

In 2016, our team became one of the media partners during Paradise International Music Festival 2016. The people behind this spectacular music fest promises a bigger attraction that will give all music fans next year. 

Kanye West during Paradise International Music Festival (Photo by Joseph Maquirang)

Led by Vian Serranilla and Joshua Ylaya, the Castaways (referring to future attendees) will expect massive and more festive atmosphere.

“In the 2018 edition, we plan to make it a bigger and better show for all,” said Serranilla. “We’ll make it a spectacle that will have people looking forward to the next shows as soon as they step in the grounds."

Who's your bet to perform next year? Drake? The Weeknd? No announcement yet but we're thrilled that Paradise IMF will surely bring great performers here.