Thai-actor Chanon will be having a "BREAKTIME" in Manila this November!"

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Get your well-deserved break in Breaktime! Thailand's breakthrough artist Chanon Santinatornkul is now making his way to the Philippines vying for Asia's heartthrob throne through his first ever solo fan meeting on November 30, 2018 at SM Skydome.

Chanon, often known as Nonkul, first appeared on TV in 2014’s “Love’s Coming,” and has then starred in several television series including a notable performance in the hit TV series “Hormones 3.” In a quick shot to fame playing the lead role in the short film “Patcha is Sexy,” Nonkul goes from your usual cliché teen idol to the smartest guy in the room. His breakthrough role in the movie “Bad Genius” propelled him to international stardom at an early age and has made him one of Asia’s most celebrated actors today.

Bad Genius, known in Thai as “Chalard Games Goeng, is a movie inspired by real-life news of high-school students who devised a sophisticated exam cheating scheme for profit. It uproots the heist film structure to a school-exams setting, and features themes of class inequality as well as teen social issues. The film has garnered much success across Asian countries including Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia. It has also topped the box office in the Philippines, where Nonkul, more popularly known in the country as Bank from his role in the movie will be paying a visit.

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Get a chance to take part in an afternoon school activities!

Rooting after the hit movie’s setting, Breaktime! will sure be an afternoon of fun school activities -- singing, dancing, and getting to know more about him on November 30 at SM Skypdome. 

Tickets are now available in BreakTimeWithChanonMVPTickets, all SM Tickets outlets nationwide, and online via

Ticket prices and fan perks are as follows:

MVP PHP 6,000.00 (with fan sign, group photo by 20’s, hi-touch, school kit, official poster, and ID card) 

VIP  PHP  4,500.00 (with group photo by 20’s, hi-touch, school kit, official poster, and ID card); and 

General Admission PHP 2, 500.00 (with hi-touch, school kit, official poster, and ID card). 

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