#KWMF2019 Delivered K-Pop's Diversity

Gelo de Vera
K-Pop fans definitely had the time of their lives last Sunday night when the Korean World Music Festival 2019 took place at the Mall of Asia Arena with headliners NCT 127 and Red Velvet!

Surprisingly, the show was hosted by local Korean TV host Ryan Bang who brought nothing but laughs for the audience every time he delivered his spiels. He basically introduced the artists/groups and had the chance to interview them on stage for the fans to witness. The night started off with a solo performance from Sohee, a member of Elris.

Sohee definitely brought the heat and prepared the energy for the night with her songs "Mannequin", "Spotlight", and "Hurry Up". The K-pop artist wore a red outfit that definitely served the right amount of charm and fierceness.
Kim Donghan from JBJ immediately followed with his heart-stopping performances. He definitely made fangirls scream over his visuals and breathtaking dance skills. He performed "Sunset", "Goodnight Kiss",  "Focus", "Idea", and "Ain't No Time".

The first girl group of the night was ELRIS who made MOA Arena filled with screams not only from fangirls but with fanboys this time. The girl group wore a matching blue and white outfit although Bela, a member, had to rest backstage because of a sprained ankle. However, she made sure fans of their group see her by coming out during the interview session with Ryan Bang. ELRIS served a very pure and sweet performance that made our hearts soft for their music. Their choreographies were also very in sync considering one member is not present during the performances.
NCTzens definitely made the MOA Arena into a green ocean with their NCT 127 lightsticks as the boys from the group performed on stage. NCT 127 performed "Fire Truck", "Cherry Bomb", "Simon Says", "Regular", and latest comeback single "Superhuman". It definitely was the hottest performance of the night as the boys performed their choreographies breathtakingly.
Last but definitely not the least, the girls of Red Velvet brought the house down with their performances. It was definitely the loudest part of the show in terms of screaming fans and fanchants. Filipino fans of the girls definitely made their love felt by the girls. There was even a part when fans screamed "solo con" during the interview and the girls took notice. Indeed, Reveluvs were the loudest that night. The girls performed their hits "Red Flavor", "Power Up", "Moonlight Melody", which got some fans to wear their banana outfits, "Bad Boy" and "Really Bad Boy (RBB)".
It's refreshing to see some K-Pop groups perform their music alongside other groups as attendees of this type of festivals will see how diverse K-Pop is. With the level of love and support K-Pop fans showed Sohee, Donghan, ELRIS, NCT 127, and Red Velvet, we are sure these acts will keep coming back to the country. With that being said, see you next year the KWMF2020!