7 Reasons Why You Must Attend Jay Park Sexy4Eva Tour in Manila

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Now, it's K-hiphop fans turn!

Jay Park is coming back to Manila for his Sexy4Eva Asia World Tour

The biggest Korean American artist, producer, rapper, and CEO of independent hiphop labels AOMG and H1ghr Music is set to perform his songs in Manila stage this coming September 22, 2019.
Grab from Jay Park's Instagram post.

JWalkers/JayWalkers(z) [Jay Park's fandom name] are all excited for the tour despite of some having second thoughts on the upcoming ticket selling. Hold that thought for a second...

If you're still having second thoughts, here are 7 reasons why you must attend Jay Park #Sexy4Eva tour in Manila. I can bet you'll grab that wallet and say "yes, to attend!" after reading this...

1. This might be his last concert before he retires *I hope not*. Jay Park is very open to fans about his retirement plans so he made sure that what he will perform on Sexy4Eva Asia World Tour will be what JWalkers / JayWalkers(z) wants. He even asked his fans on the setlist so they can enjoy it the most.

2. We will see "MOMMAE" LIVE. As what JWalkers / JayWalkers(z) say, it's not a Jay Park concert without a "MOMMAE" in it. You can see him dance, sing, rap, twerk all at the same time. Ugh! what more can you ask for?

3. We love Jay Park because he loves Filipinos. Jay Park has a lot of Filipino friends back in the States and in Korea like Dok2 (Korean/Hawaiian-Filipino), rapper and co founder of Illionaire Records; and Chacha Malone (Filipino-American), artist, producer, and a fellow AOMG member to name a few so he have a big heart for Filipinos. Because of that Filipino JWalkers / JayWalkers(z) loved him so much for always appreciating Filipino talent and beauty so he gets a warm welcome every time he visits Manila. Now, he's returning and we're ready to show our love for him again! 

Jay Park and Dok2. (photo credits: allkpop)
Jay Park and Chacha Malone. (photo credit: whatthekpop)
4. We can buy Jay Park merch at the concert. AOMG and Jay Park's merchandise are one of those merchandises which are hard to find because it isn't available globally unlike the usual kpop merch. JWalkers / JayWalkers(z) will surely be the first to line up on the Jay Park Merch booth on D-day. Okay! Just take our money!

5. It's a reunion with our fellow JWalkers / JayWalkers(z). It's a very rare occasion to meet our fellow K-hiphop family and concert is the best way to unite and fangirl together! 

6. We are all gonna see Jay Park's "SEXY4Eva Body". Come on! Who doesn't want to see that in the FLESH and UP CLOSE? 

7. We get to hear Jay Park songs LIVE. We all have been dreaming to get serenaded by "Joah", get hyped by "All I Wanna Do", and get bust it by "K-town" for so long and now is our chance. What songs do you wanna hear live? 


Be sure not to miss out Jay Park #Sexy4EvainManila tour this September.

Tickets will be on sale on July 12, 2019 (12 noon Manila time). Ticketing links will be announced soon, make sure you follow @onionproduction on Instagram.

Jay Park #Sexy4Eva Tour in Manila is brought to us by Onion Productions, AOMG, and Jay Park