Get to know more about Afgala

Christian Melanie Lee
So what's AFGALA? 

The name "Afgala" comes from "After Gala" or After Party; symbolizing other agendas in life. It of course depends on how you see it. It can be our daily jobs, church duties, or whatever mundane activities we involve ourselves in. You can clothe yourself in great style, be made up, boast your latest achievement, but in after parties, they don't matter. Why? Because real friends stays with you till the end of the day, regardless of what you look like or what you did (assuming it wasn't illegal of course, but it is a case to case basis up for debates; we save that for our after parties) Basically, it's  the gala without the pretenses. We relax and see eye to eye without all the fanciness. It's where friends gain deeper understanding, and where people form new relationships.

Now who is AFGALA??
Formed in 2018, AFGALA is a 5 piece suite from the south. Formed from an after party themselves, JM de Ramos,  Jandrell Formoso,  Nico Acpal, Don Romera and Mykell Montallana released their first single "Panahon", last March 22, which you can now listen to on Spotify and other online music stores.

The band had their first live performance last May 11, at Route 196 under Wicked Collective. 

“Panahon” Art by Rombutan