NOIR meet Filipino fans for The Ninth Tour in Manila 2019

Team Manila Concert Junkies
NOIR, a South Korean boy band returns to Manila to meet their Filipino fans once again for their "The Ninth" fan meeting in Manila.

NOIR came back to Manila for the third time around after receiving lots of recognition from fans from the last two visits that they had in the Philippines.

PH Lumieres (fandom name of NOIR's fans) have gathered at the Grand Plaza Ballroom of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila last Saturday (August 10, 2019) for their live tour at the Grand Plaza Ballroom of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. NOIR started the event with their first two songs - Airplane Mode and As A Star. The boys welcomed with loud cheers and chants from PH Lumieres.

After performing their two songs - the boys introduced themselves with big smiles on their faces. The cheers from the fans have gotten louder as the boys started speaking on stage.

During the question and answer portion, NOIR they were asked some questions and dared to do some things on stage. One NOIR member, Hyoyeon was even asked to dance cover the "Love Shot" by EXO.

"Filipino fans are beautiful" said by NOIR which drew loud cheers from fans. Then, they started performing their song entitled "Yeppeo" (Beautiful) which they dedicated to PH Lumieres. After that, NOIR started to make the fans' hearts to doom doom as they rock the stage and aggressively performed "Doom Doom" Loud chants from fans could clearly hear during the performance. The boys even showed off their fan service when they got one of the fans' cell phone and took their self-videos while performing!

The night has become more special when some of the lucky fans got to play with the boys on stage! Moreover, they also danced to Boy With Love of BTS!

One of the highlights of the fan meet was when NOIR finally performed one of their title tracks "Airplane Mode" which served as their encore song for the fans. Fans surprised NOIR as they flew some paper planes written with sweet messages for the boys. The boys smiles became sweeter after recognizing the fan project that they fans have made for them! After performing their encore song, they shouted "Thank you so much" and "Mahal Kita" as their final bow at the stage.

The simple fan meet has surely turned to one of the most memorable nights for the boys with their fans in the Philippines!

At the end of the show, fans gathered on stage to have a hi-touch session with NOIR. Some even received free posters from the boys.

NOIR "The Ninth Tour" fan meeting in Manila is brought to by Fanlive and LUK Entertainment.

Photo credit: Gael Cabugao for Manila Concert Junkies