Ha Sungwoon in Good Friends in Manila 2019 on October 5

Christian Melanie Lee

Ha Sungwoon Is a Singer-Songwriter and a member of the group "Hotshot" which debuted on October 29, 2014, and also part of the project group "Wanna One" which is a product of the hit show "Produce 101 Season 2” he is part of the final line up which consists of 10 other trainees, He got the final spot for the group. After the promotions of Wanna One ended Ha Sungwoon debuted as a solo artist with his debut album "My Moment" and his debut song "Bird" on February 28, 2019. He recently came back with his new mini album "BXXX" with his comeback single "Blue" on July 8, 2019

Ha Sungwoon Captivated Global Kpop Fans with his Great Voice and Exceptional Dancing Skills, and his Striking features which made him an all rounder during his Wanna One days. His fans are called "HA: NEUL" with HA being his name and NEUL meaning "always" meaning "always with Ha Sungwoon" and Haneul in Korean is "Sky" which suits Ha Sungwoon because his Nickname is "Cloud". Fun fact about him is that he is dub as "Mr. Congeniality" by the fans, because he is friends with some Kpop Artists, Such as BTS Park Jimin, EXO Kai, Shinee Kim Taemin.

Be ready to witness his graceful dance moves and sweet vocals that will make you swoon and sing along this October 5, 2019, at Good Friends Concert at the Araneta Colisuem.

Good Friends in Manila 2019 ticket prices starts at Php 3,000 , Php 5,000 , Php 7,000, Php 9,000 and at Php 9,500.

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