Jung Hae In One Summer Night to remember in Manila

Team Manila Concert Junkies
It is another memorable Jung Hae In’s fan meeting together with Filipino fans. The South Korean actor came back to Manila after a year to hold his second fan meeting, One Summer Night in Manila last Saturday, September 28 at New Frontier Theater.

Jung Hae In started off the event with an opening song to serenade the fans which created a loud cheer from the crowd. After that, he tried the kalamansi juice in which he really enjoyed. He told everyone that the usual kalamansi juice that he drinks is actually very sour but this one from the Philippines. He described it as sweet and sour which really loved.

“I know that it is weekend but you chose to spend time with me so I promise you that we are going to have a great time tonight”, the actor said.

Then, the fan meeting went on with the segment called “Haein’s pick” wherein Jung Hae In showed some photos of himself which he personally chose. In addition, he shared some stories behind those pictures of him.

The host asked about Jung Hae In’s secret skincare; he told us to drink plenty of water, get enough of sleep, and use a facial mask from Dewytree (it’s the name of the cosmetic brand that he promotes).

Moreover, the actor was asked how often he travels and told the fans that as much as he wanted to travel – he couldn’t do it due to his busy schedules. Obviously, he doesn’t have much time to travel. But his dream is to go on a trip together with his family.

Hae In is definitely interested in his fans. But he informed the fans that he is getting more interested and more conscious about his health because that’s what matters the most.

More to that, there was a segment called Hae In’s TMI (TMI stands for Too Much Information) where we could get to know more about the actor. Jung Hae In talked about the first meal he had in the Philippines which was steak. He even told us that he had Jollibee and his most favorite was the peach mango pie. Moreover, he has also shared the things that he does during long flights such as going through scripts, watching movies or dramas, or sleep. He also wants to get married before he gets 40.

The actor even shared his thoughts on coming back to the Philippines. He wishes to travel to Cebu or Boracay one day. He would love to go back to the country every year.

Later on, Jung Hae In played with the audience by finding out some facts about him. Three lucky fans won and got a chance to get a signed poster. Right after that, he sang the song “Where the Wind Blows”.

The highlight of the fan meeting was definitely the segment where Jung Hae In personally gave some advice to three lucky fans regarding their concern in life. The actor also had another segment called “Mission Impossible 123”. In this segment, he had to successfully finish 5 tasks in which he failed to do so. He was given to have a penalty to have a moment with the 4 lucky fans on stage.

The last part of the segment was called “Oh! Mazing”. He drew his manager’s face with his left hand and gave it to one lucky fan!

Lastly, he performed his last song for his fans and thanked everyone for attending the fan meeting. Of course, the show ended up with a high touch with Jung Hae In. Everyone must have been very happy.

Definitely it’s a one summer night to remember with Jung Hae In. Jung Hae In “One Summer Night” in Manila 2019 is brought to you by Wilbros Entertainment and FNC Entertainment.

Photo credit: Caren Gudiaga for Manila Concert Junkies