Jung Hae In's Favorite K-Pop Group is BTS

Gelo de Vera
After almost a year, K-Drama superstar Jung Hae In finally returns to Manila for a fan meet happening on September 28 at the New Frontier Theater.

Following his arrival in the country, the actor immediately prepared for a press conference with Philippine media as well as lucky fans picked through a raffle by local concert promoter, Wilbros Live.

50 fortunate ticket holders were announced to be part of the press event on Wilbros Live's social media accounts, which definitely made their ticket purchase worth the bucks. Moreover, they were given a sneak peek of what they'll experience for the full fan meeting.

During the press conference, the charismatic actor shared plenty of things about his career and stardom. He shared how he feels that there is a responsibility that comes with his fame, which is to inspire people and help people in need. When asked about his perceptions of Filipinos, he thinks that they are shy, warm, but often smile a lot.

In addition, Hae In shared that it is one of his goals, as an actor, to portray a CEO role in his future endeavors. The actor also made the audience, including the press, feel "kiligs" with his adorable smile and charismatic answers. One highlight of the short-but-sweet press conference is definitely when he shared that his favorite K-Pop group at the moment is BTS, which helps him feel calm during daily transports, and trips. He listens to the group whenever he wants to relax after a long day.

After being in the K-Drama industry for years, the actor still feels humbled to be surrounded by supporters as well as media people who would take pictures of him. It is humbling to see a very successful K-Drama actor still feel overwhelmed with support coming from people who watch his craft in acting.

There are plenty of things to expect for his fan meet, including improved singing performances, and much more surprises we're not even supposed to spill just yet; rest assured that his fans will experience the same warmth and "kiligs" with Hae In entertains them at New Frontier Theater.