Jang Ki Yong get up close and personal with Filipino fans during Filmography's Manila fan meeting

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Fans got to know the different sides of Jang Ki Yong during his first Fan Meeting in the Philippines held last November 17 at SM Aura's Samsung Hall.

Entitled FILMOGRAPHY, the said fan meeting showcased Jang Ki Yong's life before and after he gets known as one of the talented KDrama actors who also a model.

The first segment of the fan meet was "Filmography of Life" where he shows his life story through series of pictures. Each pictures shown depicts an important memory of his life - his first walk, his first time losing a tooth, his first modeling career, and his first time winning an award for being an actor.

He also shared that his father was a family guy so a lot of his childhood photos were taken on a vacation with his family. He added that he had braces when he started modeling, and while everyone was shy for having braces, he was the only one confident wearing one so the agency loved him for that.

Jang Ki Yong was so overwhelmed seeing his dramas in one frame on the segment "Filmography of Drama". He mentioned that looking at his drama being put together in the screen made him proud of himself as he saw that he had done more drama than what he first thought of and he was very thankful for the opportunity.

Jang Ki Yong was first loved by Filipinos on his supporting role in "Go Back Couple" aired by ABS-CBN back in June. However, he made his debut as an actor through the drama "It's Okay, That's Love." He was now being adorned on his latest drama "Search WWW" and made his big-screen debut with the movie "Bad Guys : The Movie".

"I love all my dramas and movie but if I had to choose one favorite, I would choose Bad Guys for the movie and Search WWW for the drama." said Jang Ki Yong.

Fans had the best time of their lives during the games. In Filmography of Drama Game, three lucky fans were given a chance to reenact sweet scenes from the drama Search WWW.

In the "Telepathy" game, a fan named Maria won the game and get a box of Jang Ki Yong polaroids and did a selca together. It was a lucky day for her.
Nine lucky fans were chosen to play the "Relay" game with Jang Ki Yong. The first challenge was to do a jump rope together five times, then proceeded with the sit-up where he holds the fan and the last when they need to hug each other to pop the balloon. 

Everyone seems to be a winner on this game. It was Jang Ki Yong who lost his self on the intensity of the game than the fan. He even joke "The game was so intense. My soul, my life was gone!" In the end, three fans won and each got a solo picture with him.

The highlight of the fan meeting was his love for music. He sang four songs that wowed his fans, namely: Beautiful, 2411, Polaris. and Paradise Tree. Jang Ki Yong wasn't just good in acting. He can rap and sing too. He was such a talented man.
Time to listen to his top favorite songs. Here's the complete list of Jang Ki Yong's Playlist: What Should I Say - The Breeze; Shallow - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper ; Fall in Love - Sung Hoon of Brown Eyed Soul ; Yozm Gang - Show Me the Money 6 ; 2411 - Crush.

Jang Ki Yong 2019 Filmography Fan Meeting was presented by Wilbros Live.

Photo credit: Wilbros Live

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