She's Coming Home released their fourth single, Try

Christian Melanie Lee
TRY will be the fourth single released by the band She’s Coming Home. It speaks of the emotions of two individuals who already ended their relationship but clinging on to the idea that perhaps they could still try. 

In collaboration with the Singapore-based producer and 2013 Grammy nominee Duke Purisima and in partnership with Asia Pacific School College School of Multimedia Arts, the listeners will be captured by the high contrast instrumentals and vocal arrangements of the band’s new single.

TRY intrinsically makes the listeners feel the whirlwind of emotions brought about by having to relive what it’s like to face love’s impending doom. The lyrics emphasize the aftermath of letting go, and yet still trapped in the process of holding on to a love that is already lost. The what-ifs are flooding in at the sheer sight of a past that could have been salvaged yet chose not to. In TRY, the music of She’s Coming Home induces connection with the listeners through their alternative rock music tinged with blues and funk.

Taking a step forward and leaving lost possibilities behind as the year comes to an end—TRY is now out on all digital platforms.

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