Thai actor Mean delighted to meet his Filipino fans during his recent fanmeeting

Ara Patria
Phiravich Attachitsataporn or more commonly known as "MEAN" had set his fan meeting and concert in Manila for the first time. In fact, this is Mean's first international concert and fan meeting in Manila. 

Mean's "Mean on Fire" was held last November 30 at Insular Life Corporate Center located in Alabang. Fans have gathered and got a chance to get to know him more personally.

During the press conference, Mean shared his thoughts on having the overwhelming support from his Filipino fans. He said that he is so happy to have met them. He feels grateful to have amazing and very supportive fans from the Philippines.

He also shared his desire to visit the Chocolate Hills in Bohol if he had a chance.

In addition, he told fans that he also wants to try a horror series and acts as a ghost aside from casting in Boys Love (BL) series.

After the press conference, Mean has started his fan meeting to finally meet his fans again! The actor starts the show with Fire Burning by Sean Kingston. Loud cheers from fans can be heard clearly during his performance.

He also performed the song "God Gave Me You" in which he later found out that it became a hit song here in the Philippines because of Alden Richards. He was actually a little surprised to know that fans knew about this song.

After serenading the fans on stage, Mean has shown his fashion by walking on stage while showing off the Barong Tagalog. He proudly showcased the Philippine national costume by wearing it and showing it off to the fans. He walked along the stage together with Ms. Patty Tabor who was the host of the night.

The highlight of the fan meeting was when the actor enjoyed learning some tagalog words such as "Kamusta ka", "ang gwapo gwapo ko", "ang ganda ganda niyo", "Oo and Hindi" and most especially the tagalog slang word "Charot". Moreover, Mean also tried some Filipino desserts and candies such as choco and strawberry crinkles, pastillas, tarts, cheese bars, and snowballs. Mean told the fans that he likes cheese bar and choco crinkles the most.

After that, Mean watched the surprise VCR prepared by Mean's different fans clubs here in the Philippines. The actor has also received some surprise gifts from the fans. Then, Mean played the guitar while singing "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran. In addition, he sang another song which is Thai while roaming around the auditorium and giving roses to some lucky fans. It was indeed a memorable night for him together with his fans in Manila. 

Mean wraps up his fan meeting by thanking fans for their never-ending support for him. With that, he wishes to come back in the future.

Mean a TV actor and model. He has been cast in many popular boys’ love series like Make It Right and Love Sick: Season 2, as a supporting actor. But he has become more popular when he cast as "Tin" in Love By Chance The Series. In fact, he is one of the main lead of the series.

MEAN On Fire: Manila Fanmeet and Concert is presented by Thai Entertainment Portal.

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