Thai band TEMPT met their Filipino fans for the second time

Ara Patria
TEMPT is a new Thai band composed of Title Puangmalee, Perth Sukhumpantanasan, Gun Na Rong and Plan Rathavit. The boys officially debuted on July 24, 2019, with their debut song “Tell Me This Is Love”. They first performed as musicians and held a debut showcase at Central World in Bangkok.

They held their first Live & Meet event in Manila last November 10 at 500 Shaw Zentrum. This is their second time visiting Manila and this time they have had an exclusive fan meeting to meet their Filipino fans.

Fans have gathered at 500 Shaw Zentrum and waited for the boys to come out and perform as a group. TEMPT started the fan meeting with an opening song Bedroom. It is a Thai Song sung by Mai Bauk Tur.

Then the boys cheerfully greeted the audience as they got loud cheers and chants from fans. After that, TEMPT boys have shared some facts about them and then headed to a short game. The short game was about Thai words that the boys had to guess and translate in Tagalog words.

Also, they had a fast talk with the host as well as a question and answer portion. With that, fans were able to get a chance to know more about them. After that segment, the boys had played with fans called the newspaper dance. Teams were divided into two.

After the game, TEMPT had a chance to witness the love and support from their Filipino fans with a surprise video and special gifts. The boys felt overwhelmed and thanked the fans for their effort.

In addition, each of the members had a solo performance on stage. Each of them has showcased their own talent and charm to which the fans surely loved and enjoyed watching.

The boys last performed their debut song "Tell Me is this love" as they wrapped up the fan meeting.

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