Jeremy Zucker on looking forward to collab with The 1975, Honne, and LANY

Christian Melanie Lee

A lot of Jeremy Zucker fans were delighted to have joined the release of his latest debut album, ‘love is not dying’ in an Album Listening Party, on May 2, Saturday, 9:30 AM (PHT). He played the 13-tracks to his Filipino fans on an online gathering via Zoom made possible by MCA Music.

Amazingly, all the 13 tracks from his album were all written, recorded, and produced by himself in his Brooklyn studio. During a group media interview, he mentioned that ‘love is not dying’ is an intensely personal body of work, and that of his favorites from the album is ‘julia’.

Some of his fans’ favorite include “not ur friend,” “always, i’ll care” and “somebody loves u.” He says, “I have always historically written songs as a way of expressing things to the people around me because I haven’t always been able to express myself in words. I always stand by what gives me meaning in the music. I hope people will listen to music and feel like they’re not alone.”

Since a lot was also asking if a collaboration with LANY, The 1975, and Honne is happening soon, he said although there are still no plans, he’s excited to work with these three amazing bands soon.

Another exciting part of the interview was when Jeremy cited to also collaborate with BTS one day. He thinks it would awesome to work with them and meet them in person. Surprisingly, Jeremy is also listening to BTS and shared that “Boy With Luv” ft. Halsey is one of his favorites.

When these trying times are over, Jeremy wishes to see everyone and meet all his loving Filipino fans.

Singer, songwriter, producer Jeremy is one of the many music aficionados whose music transcends all boundaries. If you’re into songs about love, self-love, struggles, and human feelings, then this guy is a must-hear right now. He’s subtle yet knows how to put on a mood and vibe not many artists can do.


love is not dying TRACK LIST:



“we’re fucked it’s fine”

“somebody loves u”



“good for her”

“not ur friend”

“full stop”


“hell or flying”

“always, i’ll care”

“brooks interlude”

“oh, mexico”

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