The Story Behind Hailee Steinfeld’s second single, I Love You’s

Christian Melanie Lee

American actress and multi-platinum recording artist Hailee Steinfeld were able to video chat media friends from the Philippines to talk about her second single “I Love You’s” and how she’s holding up during these trying times, on Wednesday, April 22nd.

Steinfeld, who’s been acting since age 10 made her breakthrough in music career after performing "Flashlight" in Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) and has starred in various films such as Bumblebee, Edge of Seventeen, and comedy series Dickinson.

It was followed by her debut single, "Love Myself" and a series of singles, including "Starving", a collaboration with both Grey and Zedd, which reached the 12th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

“It was a lot of fun. I love making music videos, I sort of feel like that was when my two worlds kind of collide, and when it comes to making the music video of I Love You’s, we had a version of the video that didn’t’ turn out the way we want it to – so when it came to doing it the second time, I figured I would throw my hat it and make it happen and execute my vision the best as I could and I did it with the help of Sarah McColgan, and we were on the same page since day 1” Steinfeld shares when asked about what was it like directing her second single “I Love You’s.

“This song for me, anyway, is being in a sort of confined space and losing sight of who I was and realizing that time alone and time for myself is what I needed and that wasn’t such a bad thing. I think the idea of being alone can be daunting or not necessarily desirable for some people and I was in a certain situation where that was the last thing I wanted but I knew it’s what I needed. I think right now a lot of us are in confined spaces, some of us are handling it better than other, while some others are going crazy,” she added.

During the interview, she mentioned that these trying times gave her the chance to reflect and focus on herself – and that this is the perfect time to slow down and step back. She also tries to be creative at home by teaching herself to use a bunch of music equipment, so she spent most of her time in her home studio.

Steinfeld was also ecstatic to share that she wants to collaborate with Ed Sheeran if given a chance to create a song about hope and encouragement. She also wishes that we all recover soon and we will be together in one room, celebrating music and life, and wishes to see us soon.

There may be a growing uncertainty we face every day, but Hailee is one of the few artists who uplifts the spirit of her beloved friends, family, and fans through music and constant communication. Good job on this, Hailey, and thank you. No wonder her fan base in the Philippines remains unfazed and have always adored her since day one.

Kudos to MCA Music for including Manila Concert Junkies on the group meeting.

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