Ben&Ben talks about writing songs while on lockdown; set to drop new single, Lifetime on June 4

Christian Melanie Lee
Recently, Ben&Ben has been busy working on their songs while we're under community lockdown. In the private online listening party last Monday, they shared on how they dealt with creating music while at home.

The award-winning nine-piece collected wrote the song as a response to a fan's YouTube comment on their hit song, Pagtingin. 

Netizen "Anne Jou" shared her story of regretting not being able to express her feelings to her best friend. Afraid of her friendship, “…instead of telling him what I actually felt, I hid and buried my feelings. And you know what happens to feelings that are buried? They grow. The like I felt for him became love. I wrote poems, songs. After 8 years, I attended his wedding [last] January. And guess what? The world is really overly-cruel. Before his wedding, he thanked me for being his best friend and told me that before he met the girl he got married to, he loved me first. For 5 years. But he was also scared of losing me so he just decided to keep it. I was shocked and I slightly had anger towards the world. We didn't know that if only one of us dared to make a move, a lifetime was waiting for us. So people, while you can, please express how you really feel so that in the end you won't regret anything.”

This is the proof of how powerful and moving words can be when shared from a place of earnestness and raw honesty.

“Lifetime” was mixed by veteran sound engineer JP Verona, and mastered by Grammy Award-winning Leon Zervos (Pink, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Beastie Boys, and Willie Nelson). It was written by Miguel Benjamin and Paolo Benjamin, and recorded and produced by Ben&Ben.

What's up with the band while we're in the state of quarantine? Miguel said, "Madami. One of which narelease namin at kinanta namin ni Paolo.  Ang title nya is "Nakikinig Ka Ba Sa Akin". Aside from the said song, there are also some other songs na we're working on. Madaming na nakapila. It's a good problem to ask. Kumbaga whatever we feel like na gusto namin to work on at least madami kaming pagpipilian na unfinishing songs." Watch out for this, BBs!

Ben&Ben’s “Lifetime” will be released on all digital platforms worldwide on June 4, (12 midnight, Thursday).


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