Singaporean singer-songwriter Jean Tan reunites with producer Dru Chen for new single, Serenade

Christian Melanie Lee

Singapore singer-songwriter Jean Tan returns with a single, “Serenade”, from her upcoming 2020 EP. The single is dropping on 29 May 2020 on all major digital streaming platforms via Leeway. 


For this bluesy number, Jean teamed up once again with Singaporean R&B artist and multi-instrumentalist Dru Chen who also produced and arranged her last release, the 2019 folk-jazz single “Fly”. The songwriter-producer combination proves to be the gift that keeps on giving with this modern track that is tinged with smoky-blue nostalgia from decades past – a little bit of Billie Holiday, a little bit of She & Him, and something else unfathomable. One can’t quite put a finger on it, but it is undoubtedly something special. In fact, when Jean sings:

You have won my heart with that old song

You could serenade me all day long

…one can’t help but feel that “Serenade” is that old song, a less-than-three-minute track that blossoms and hangs in the air in the middle of two dancing lovers. Between the shuffling snare drum brushwork, the deep yet tight snap of the walking bass, and the bluesy, M. Ward inspired electric guitar lines, the contemporary-vintage medley paints a picture of a drowsy spring night and the endless possibilities it brings.

Although the lyrics are simple – it’s in your arms / I’ve fallen in love again / it’s in your arms / I’ll always be loved again – they are effective in telling a story that never gets old. The song is essentially a sweet take on love found and gives us a taste of the EP that is to come. While Jean’s last extended play “Hideaway” was more melancholic and reflective, her upcoming EP is a lineup of lively, acoustic folk-jazz tracks that speak of hope and life unfolding.

So while “Serenade” is full of levity and lightness of being, it also teaches us an enduring lesson – that scars heal, winter melts into spring, and somehow in a little while, all is well again.

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