Benedict Cua Releases Debut Single, Di Namalayan; Extends List of Things He Can Do

Gelo de Vera
After months of pleading and endless requests from fans, YouTube royalty Benedict Cua extends the list of amusing things he can do. Under PolyEast Records, the vlogger is now getting the chance to release his music and showcase to the world his talent in making music. 

(c) Benedict Cua on Instagram 
The vlogger can be recalled “rehearsing” and showcasing his pipes on one of his dear friends’ vlog, Mimiyuuuh, as part of the fellow content creator’s Vocalizinationism series. Fans were quick to send in comments of support and pointed out how good Benedict Cua actually sounds even if he’s not even serious in singing on the said vlog. 

This led Ben to upload TikTok covers or duets which (continue to) garner thousands and thousands of views. Luckily for fans, PolyEast Records gave the aspiring musician the chance to be heard further- even if it requires him to record songs in the most silent area in his home, his closet. 

(c) PolyEast Records on Facebook 

While the song provides good vibes with its sound and stable-sounding vocals, Benedict playfully shared that in order to record vocals for it, he had to lock himself in his closet, and use clothes to block off unnecessary noises in the background, just for the song to be made- something music producers might find ridiculously practical. 

The said debut single is written by label-mate TJ Monterde, and it reminds listeners of what it feels like to have happy crushes and young love. When asked about a possible music video for the song, the YouTuber imagines pure scenes like finding happy crushes during commutes, or just randomly sitting in a park bench with an interesting stranger.

(c) Benedict Cua on Instagram

While fans now know the boy-next-door is not only a content creator and an actor, but is now also a musician, Benedict shared that he still wants to balance all of these fields, and not just focus on one specific talent he can share to the world. While he admits that he is only average in doing everything that was mentioned, he is willing to keep trying and discovering how to improve his own set of skills. While some might not notice, or “hindi mamalayan” how he is currently conquering the local entertainment industry, his fans will be watching and supporting him every step of the way- and we will be cheering with them. 

Listen to Benedict Cua's debut single "'Di Namalayan" right here

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