How does JUNGSU's songs heal my soul

Christian Melanie Lee
I've been listening to K-POP for the past 11 years, most of it from the 2nd generation of KPOP groups. There are several occasions that I was supposed to attend K-Hip hop concerts such as DEAN and Jay Park but conflicts from the work schedule which I did not able to cover their shows here in Manila. 

Before our scheduled online interview few weeks ago, upon listening to JUNGSU's songs, it catches my mind and soul. It's perfect timing for me to reflect on these things happening especially while everyone's dealing with the pandemic.

Upon listening to Summer Vacay on Spotify, I suddenly missed going out for a vacation near the beach. The chill vibes make me wonder how to enjoy life without thinking about any problems.

When Off A Cliff is on repeat played on my Spotify playlist, reflecting on the things that happened to me in the past.

Photo by Tobias Bjørkli from Pexels

Finding happiness is still one of my goals in life. The blurry side of it blocking the Ocean Waves rise against me. 

Photo by Emiliano Arano from Pexels
Photo by Emiliano Arano from Pexels

Trying to Off My Chest from the unexpected struggles in life. When we need to stay stronger in this time of unfortunate situation around. All we need to Need Ya Now by calling Jesus to heal the world.     

Do check out JUNGSU's social media channels and listen to his music. 

Listen to his latest single, Need Ya Now.

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