Why JUNGSU can make it big in the K-Hip hop scene

Christian Melanie Lee
There's a lot of rappers who made their way to the K-Hip hop scene such as Epik High's Tablo, Block B's Zico, Jay Park, among others.

JUNGSU started his career last year. If you've listened to his songs, you cannot compare it to other K-Hip hop songs that made it on top. In every song he wrote, it will resonate with your soul. The chill vibes in which he creates his own music make him big soon.

Here's why he will make it big in the K-Hip hop scene:

Chill music that soothes your mind

From Ocean Waves to Need Ya Now, put it on repeat mode every day...I guarantee you it will  In my case, it helps to uplift my mind and soul. Just a few days ago, I was cleared from TN (trigeminal neuralgia or facial nerve pain) and taking the medicine since I was diagnosed in mid-February this year. Jungsu's songs speed up my recovery.

Aiming to make new music

Proud of what he's doing while we're still in the state of the pandemic. He kept pushing his way to do more new music. Focused on what's next for his music career and also dedicated his time to be recognized.

Diverse sounds make you get inspired

His songs are different from others. The diverse sounds in every song that he wrote make you get the hook humming the lyrics of Summer Vacay or Off A Cliff. If you're feeling down, listen to From Now On and Off My Chest.

By the way, he will drop a new song, Bullet Holes on August 7, 5 pm PST (August 8, 8 am PHT). Pre-save here.

For updates, check out his socials and music platforms. Listen to his great music!

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