Jungsu unveils new song about the pandemic, Gotta Bring It Back

Christian Melanie Lee

After BULLET HOLES which was released last month, K-Hiphop artist Jungsu unveils his new song, Gotta Bring It Back.  

When you listen to this song about the lockdown and pandemic will bring you to hope for the freedom that we need in this time and survival. Reflecting on the things that we used to do before this thing happened.

With the pandemic affected the world for the past several months, Gotta Bring It Back depicted as a way of wanting freedom from the lockdown and nostalgia about the normal past.


When we were chilling

Having fun like always

Broad daylight now it’s a red light

All day and night all we do is waste time

People only smiling through emojis

Gotta Bring It Back symbolized the mask which hides our sorrow and limits our freedom.

If you're feeling down, add Gotta Bring It Back to your playlist. You can stream it starting September 18 via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Soundcloud.

For more updates about Jungsu and his music, check out through social media and music streaming platforms.





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