NunReacts collaborated with many Korean artist signed an Exclusive Management Contract with CTM

Christian Melanie Lee
YouTuber NunReacts, who is receiving a lot of love for reaction content about Korean hip-hop scene, has signed an exclusive contract with CULTURE THINK MANAGEMENT (CTM, CEO Jin Kyeom Kim).NunReacts is a popular YouTuber with over 400k subscribers. As the idea for the name came from a nun, the creator appears in content with wearing a mask of a nun and is called as ‘brother Nun’ or ‘Mr(Mrs). Nun’.
NunReacts has secured a strong fan base with a high understanding of the Korean hip-hop scene and intense reactions to the music and live performance of hip-hop musicians. Also, the official merchandise sold in December was sold out in a short period, proving its popularity.



CTM, a comprehensive artist management company, has a roster including Basick, Colde, Crucial Star, Sam Ock, and many other artists and is providing the same professional management services to creators such as NunReacts, Conut Tv as well, so that creators can give full play to their talents in various fields.


With this exclusive contract as momentum, it is expected that NunReacts will more actively engage in on- and off-line and both inside and outside of Korea as a global YouTuber who promotes Korean hip-hop to overseas hip-hop fans.


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