Sincere Da Dreamer's Be On All Dat Brings Classic Bars On This New Release Single

Christian Melanie Lee
Rising American Musician Sincere Da Dreamer based in New Orleans released a new single, “Be On All That” last May 3. Sincere Da Dreamer is a multi-talented artist, rapper, producer, DJ, and songwriter. The talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and style.


Sincere drops his newest single, “Be On All Dat” on his official streaming channels. Sincere Da Dreamer is all about straight BARS! Sincere Da Dreamer knows how to get right down to business, no filler. The chorus. Pure fluff when you consider the meat and bones of the song. The beat. Filler, acting as the foundation on which these heavy lyrics stand.

“Be On All Dat” uses powerful lyrics with even more powerful images to ask a question. In many ways, there’s no resolution. No ending. And that’s the point. At the end of it all, you have a choice. It is a song that talked about helping your friends and encouraging them to do the right things, as well as coming to the reality that when they don't listen to you and they do the wrong things you have to move on. The artist wrote the song and it's based on his experiences. This right here is the type of thing you build a legacy on.

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