JUNGSU drops new single Breakdown

Christian Melanie Lee
After a year he released Gotta Bring It Back in September 2020, up-and-coming KHiphop and K-R&B artist JUNGSU dropped his much anticipated new single “Breakdown” last August 13.

This is his first single of 2021 after a full year of break. After graduating UCLA in 2020, he's seen big life changes such as moving back to his home country, South Korea. As he looks back on his time in the States, especially during sophomore year of college in which he was constantly in a state of mental breakdown due to isolation, loneliness, and helplessness induced by personal problems.

The message embedded in "Breakdown" encourages listeners that although they are definitely not alone in the fight, it's actually okay to "want" to be alone for some time.

During that period of “aloneness” in the state of Breakdown, JUNGSU tore into pieces but was slowly but surely glued back together through the everlasting peace that nothing and no one in this world can provide. The author and defender of that perfect healing, as JUNGSU credits, is Jesus Christ.

Stream “Breakdown” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming platforms. Check out his official website for more details.


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