5 Best Things To Expect at NCT 127's The Link Tour in Manila

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With only a few days away, we’re sure all NCTzens who are attending THE LINK in MANILA can no longer wait! As we prepare our energy, Neobongs, fan projects, and other concert essentials, we’ve ranked 5 best things you are absolutely experiencing on September 4, 2022, when NCT 127 return to Manila with their second world tour.

NCT 127's The Link Tour in Singapore / @NCT127 on Instagram

Read on to know what you should be preparing for physically (and even mentally!) for the concert! 

1. A Magnificent Setlist

Following performances in South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, Czennies may already have an idea on the songs included for the setlist. Prepare as the 9-member group will be bringing the “Noize” as well as showcase their pipes with some ballads. Moreover, alongside performances as NCT, the boys will also be showcasing their talents through solo stages! Their setlist includes hits like Kick It, Lemonade, Highway To Heaven, Back 2 U, Favorite, Cherry Bomb, Sticker, and more! 

2. A Sultry Love On The Floor Performance

Instead of wanting to be on the floor with NCT 127, you would want to BE THE FLOOR when you see this sultry performance of “Love On The Floor”! Ever since it was first performed as part of the show, it has been the talk of Czennies all over social media as the boys do most of the choreo seductively on the stage. Want proof? Check out this video from the Singapore stop.

3. NCT 127’s Adonis Era?

NCTzens’ eyes will definitely be blessed in a few days as performances from the tour include shirtless appearances from Taeyeong and Johnny (possibly more :P). Pandesal ba kamo? NCT 127 has it all for you!

4. Solo Stages

Each member of NCT 127 shall be gracing the stage and showcasing their own talents through solo stages as part of The Link. Indeed, your bias will definitely be getting the spotlight they deserve one-by-one which shall be making Czennies feel closer to their favorite members.

5. The Green Ocean

Who doesn’t like feeling at home surrounded by Neobongs? On September 4, we will all be reunited again under NCT 127’s music which shall inspire our dreams. This is the main concept of “The Link”. Ready your cameras and capture how the MOA Arena will transform into one great green ocean, celebrating nothing but how we are linked with the boys of NCT 127 with music and our dreams. 

For more information on NCT 127’s The Link Tour in Manila, follow Pulp Live World on social media or visit their official website at pulp.ph. For live concert updates, follow Manila Concert Junkies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. 

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