4 Reasons why you should watch Russ’ The Journey is Everything World Tour in Manila

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American rapper, singer, and songwriter Russel James Vitale more known as Russ will be coming back here to Manila after his tour last 2019 but this time he’ll be moving to a more prominent location which is at MOA Arena on November 5, 2022.

Here are 4 reasons not to miss it!

  • New hits to perform

As the pandemic quarantined everyone in our houses, Russ made this an inspiration to produce more works that were eventually people enjoyed listening to and you wouldn’t let it pass by easily.

  • Dope collabs

Russ recently made a collab with the one and only Ed Sheeran and its very FIRE! The melody, rhythm and their voices coordinate so well for this type of tracks. Maybe we want some more collabs like this right? Lil Baby also worked with Russ on the song titled “UGLY” that also has a heavy style and it’s a perfect match for the collab.

  • SoundCloud King

Before Russ climbed the Billboard charts at the start of his career, he consistently posted his tracks on SoundCloud that didn’t fail to be included on weekly top tracks, some of them are “What They Want” & “Losin’ Control” very cool right? 

  • Chill live music

We always want to witness a very hyper live music scene and sometimes we wish for a chill one to vibe and delighted with its fine melody and lyrics.

Witness Russ’ performance this year by purchasing tickets here. Russ' The Journey is Everything Tour presented by Karpos Multimedia and RandomMinds.

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