A healing night with Park Eun Bin's Eun-Bin Note: Bin Kan first fanmeeting in Manila

Christian Melanie Lee
South Korean actress Park Eun Bin held her first fanmeeting, Eun Bin Note in Manila last October 23 at New Frontier Theater. She's known globally from her portrayal as Woo Young-woo in the hit ENA and Netflix series, Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

During her first fanmeeting, Eun Bin Note: Bin Kan (Photo from Namoo Actors's Twitter)


Eun-Bin Note: Bin Kan means shining, empty space which she wants to fulfill the empty space with love which is her aim for her fan meeting tour. With the immense support of her fans, she filled the venue as a night of healing time with her.

I adored how she communicated with her fans, how she learned to speak in Filipino, and she was overwhelmed with the love that the audience gave her for her first leg of her fanmeet. She opened her fan meeting by singing, "Hello" by Red Velvet's Joy. She was surprised by our loud cheers and screams in every segment of the said event.

“Kamusta kayo, Pilipinas? Ako po si Park Eun-bin. Ikinagagalak kong makita kayo. Salamat sa pagpunta (How are you, Philippines? I am Park Eun-bin. I’m glad to see you. Thank you for coming),”, she said.
She was overwhelmed seeing her fans during Eun Bin Note: Bin Kan in Manila (Photo from Namoo Actors's Twitter)

The said fan meeting showcased different segments such as the balance game wherein everyone joined the fun with Eun Bin, and highlighting Eun Bin's career and personal life during the Profile segment which she delighted to answer questions about her. Three lucky winners won a special tote bag, and signed polaroid from the actress. Got teary eyed when she read notes from the post its that her Filipino fans called BINGOs wrote. 

A special video that Park Eun-bin filmed some of her characters from the dramas she starred such as "The King's Affection", "Do You Like Brahms?", and "Age of Youth".

During Park Eun Bin's first fanmeeting, Eun Bin Note: Bin Kan (Photo from Namoo Actors's Twitter)

She also sang “The Blue Night of Jeju Island,” which is part of the official soundtrack for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

When she was asked by the host, Kring Kim if she experienced a time when she wanted to give up her career, Eun-bin said, “If we face difficulty, we can give up but thankfully, I have not experienced a time when I wanted to give up what I do now.”

She was also asked about on how she choose her acting projects, she explained, “I choose what I want. I read the script or synopsis and it depends on the role. I hope that my future projects will be liked by my Filipino fans.”

PH BINGOs surprised Eun-bin with a heartwarming video which containing messages from her fans, she got emotional and cried while watching the said clip. 

She wrapped up her fanmeeting by singing her own rendition of MYMP's "Especially for You' which she said, “This song is only for my Filipino fans and I will sing this only in Manila,” 

Meanwhile, Park Eun Bin attended a press conference prior to the fan meeting which she answered questions from the media. 

Park Eun Bin answered the questions prepared by the media who attended her press conference at Novotel Manila (Photo by Pulp Live World)

She received a lot of messages from her Filipino fans. "I'm worried that only a few of them (will attend her fan meeting)," she said.

Photo by Pulp Live World

Eun-bin was asked which part of the country she would like to go. She told us that she went to Cebu after shooting and would like to return. "I'm kind of adventurous, and I want to try new kinds of activities that I can only do in the Philippines," she added.

She was also asked about what she enjoys the most about acting. Eun-bin told us that the opportunity to try out different roles with different lives that are not her own. She noted that she would like to try new roles, and her fans wanted her to appear in a romantic comedy drama. 

When asked what she'd like to do if she wasn't an actress, she said, "I'm a greedy person. I want to try a lot of professions like adviser, professor, fashion designer, and more." 

Being gracious even during the press conference (Photo by Pulp Live World)

What's Eun-bin's memorable episode of 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'? She answered that the first episode of the series because it's the first accepted case of her character. Her favorite line from the said drama series, she revealed that her favorite scene is when she's with her mother with this unforgettable line, "Though my life is unusual and peculiar, it's valuable and beautiful."

Eun-bin expressed her appreciation to her fans, "Every moment, every person, they are the most memorable."

“2022 Park Eun-Bin Asia Fan Meeting Tour: Eun-Bin Note: Binkan” was presented by Pulp Live World.

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