9 unforgettable moments from Super Show 9 in Manila

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The kings of Hallyu Wave are back! KPop legend Super Junior is once again in the Philippines for their Super Show 9: Road in Manila. 

Fans turned up in full force for two unforgettable nights in MOA Arena last December 17 and 18.

Armed with their blue light sticks, blue Santa hats, fan-made banners and a heart full of excitement, PH E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friend) filled the area with Sapphire Blue Ocean as everyone sang their hearts out, screamed and cried during their performance.

Missing the concert already? Reminisce with us as we look back on the 9 most unforgettable moments during Super Junior’s #SS9inManila tour

“We fulfilled our promise”

During their ment (time allocated to allow the kpop stars on stage speak to fans), Super Junior told fans that they kept their promise of coming back to the Philippines.

The group was originally scheduled to hold their concert in Manila last August 6. However, Siwon tested positive from Covid-19 and Eunhyuk’s father suddenly passed away. The concert was postponed to give time for the members’ healing and the members held a meet and greet with their fans instead.

During the August 6 meet and greet with their beloved E.L.Fs (Ever Lasting Friend), the arena was filled with tears and emotional messages from members of Super Junior. Leeteuk promised to come back by December for a two-day concert.

“We kept the promise. But actually, it was you guys who kept the promise for us. You stayed with us until today.” said Super Junior's leadernim, Leeteuk upon their return. Imagine the tears and the loud screams during that time!

Opening the show with a bang

Super Junior opened the concert with the most pleasing visuals and dance moves - and what better way to open a concert than with Burn the Floor and The Crown!

Burn the Floor’s theatrical choreography opens with Super Junior tied in red ropes mimicking puppets, as they sang and danced around a symphonic background. Towards the chorus, they were seen dancing with lights, just like in the music video.

After the song ended, Eunhyuk was seen as the only one at center of the stage, as the song transitioned to the distinctive rock beats of The Crown. The stage changed to a burning background, as members showed up, singing and dancing to the song. It was such a visual feast and the perfect opening to their Super Show concert! The arena was filled with excited screams from fans all throughout the opening songs.

Don't miss out Super Show without a Comedy Skit!

Ahh, of course. Super Junior is known for being the crazy KPop idols who always have a comedy skit up their sleeves! And it is never not a Super Junior concert without a comedy skit. Through the years, they’ve already cosplayed and performed as SNSD, Elsa from Frozen, and Marvel Superheroes.

This year, Super Junior pretended to be musical artists complete with fancy wigs, coats, and costumes that imitate well-known classical musicians! They even performed a musical rendition of SPY, Rokkugo, and Mamacita. Laughter was heard all over the place and it was obvious that everyone was having such a great time!

We wonder what comedy skit they will be performing for Super Show 10? We can’t wait!

CELEBRATE Christmas with Super Junior

I guess Filipino fans are lucky because Super Junior performed Celebrate onstage with Filipino fans for the first time! Celebrate is their 11th album’s title track with a feel-good, synth-pop tune. Super Junior performed Celebrate complete with a Christmas background and fake snow, making everyone feel the holiday spirit.

During one of their ments, some members of Super Junior also wore the blue Santa Hats that PH ELFs paired up their blue dress, wished the members a Merry Christmas and Donghae even sang a short version of Feliz Navidad.

Eunhyuk’s heartwarming message to fans

During their last ment, Eunhyuk was very teary-eyed even before he began speaking as fans continued to chant “Lee Hyukjae!”

Eunhyuk thanked the fans, and said that he was worried after keeping PH ELFs waiting for a long time. Fans were quick to assure him that it was okay, knowing the situation that happened a few months prior the concert.

“You guys are the Christmas presents to us. Thank you so much and I’m really happy to perform the last 2022 Super Show here in Manila.” 

PH ELFs effort to give tickets to fans, fan projects, raise funds for the lamp posts banner

Fans filled the love with fan projects, raise funds for the lamp posts banner, and give tickets.

SJ Events PH held a fund raising project to give away tickets to lucky 300 PH ELFs. ₱500,000 for ticket donation and ₱20,000 for the fan project donation.

Photo: @valaquella on Twitter

Photo: @valaquella on Twitter


As per SJ Events PH, "The SS9: Super Santa Edition started when one of our admins messaged us in our group chat and said “Guys, do you want to do a donation drive?” This is a day after the ticket selling for day 2 started. We saw that there are a lot of fans who wanted to watch but can’t afford it due to the price and its tight ticket selling schedule. We immediately decided that we should try and do what we can to help at least a couple of them. After that, everyone already thought of the mechanics of the donation. We always joked “sobrang speed ng team na ‘to”, cause our team was formed because of randomly wanting to host a CSE (cupsleeve event) too, but… as it turned out, it wasn’t a joke anymore. We were surprised that people showed too much support in the project."

"We always got shocked whenever we get a new donation notification — a few pesos became thousands and the donated amount rose too fast that we even had to cut our initial donation drive period. We think, more than anything, SS9: Super Santa Edition became a fun fangirling donation project between ELF. Because we updated them regularly of the status of the donations, everyone became invested. We got quote retweets that said they looked forward to our updates everyday. Some people donated and joked na ayaw nila ng butal kaya bubuohin nila yung donation. It was fun. We think the transparency really helped in reaching the total donated amount. We are a newly-formed team. This donation drive was just our second project together so we were very overwhelmed but also touched by the amount of love, trust and support our fellow ELF gave us, not just PH ELF but also some ELF around the world. It was a lot of work, yes, but it was worth it seeing more ELF enjoy the show. We sincerely thank the Super Santas and Inang ELF, Ms. Happee Sy-Go, for their support. It won’t be possible without them. This isn’t just SJ Events PH’s project. This is PH ELF’s project made possible by the fans for the fans and all for their love for Super Junior."

According to a representative of SJ United PH, "The food support project has been a long standing tradition of SJ United PH since the first Super Show in the Philippines. As for the fan booths, we asked for the helpf of Pulp so we can set up tables in the vicinity if MOA arena for fanclub activities and give aways. We wanted to revive SJ Fiesta, which was one of our previous events."

They added, "Since Super Show 2, there were usually pre-concert events conducted to attract more attendees and to indulge on our fangirl feelings for Super Junior. SJ Fiesta was one of those events."

If you've watch the show, PH ELFs wore blue Santa hat for the two-day concert. "The Blue Santa Hat Project was conceived because of the Christmas season. It was also in line with Super Junior's latest Christmas album. It is also fitting to wear one and look like real elves, just like our fandom name, ELF."

SJ United PH shares,"Our main event would be the big banner project. We had one last Super Show 5 and it was a successful project. We wanted to make one again this Super Show 9 which would include a Christmas-themed message that is both witty and memorable. The banner says, "Are you CHRISTMAS? Because I want to MERRY you. See you at the next Super Show, my Groom!". It was another successful big banner event because the boys understood what it meant and Leeteuk even conducted an impromptu interview with the boys on how they feel about the message."

Best moments for fanservice

Fanservice are the best during the two day concert. They went to the extended stage, interacted with PH ELFs, and took selfies with them.

New single, White Love performed for the first time

One of the songs from their latest album, The Road: Celebration which was released last December 15, Super Junior performed White Love for the first time.

Video by Hazel Ileto

Super Junior Takes Us Back to 2nd Gen

What’s a Super Junior concert without the K-POP classics? As part of their setlist, Super Junior performed their hits namely “Bonamana,” “Mr. Simple,” and “Sorry Sorry” taking us back to our feels when were first discovered the group and genre! Performances were elevated with stunning visuals and fresh music arrangements that definitely completed our SuJu experience!

With two days full of singing, dancing and partying with SuJu, it’s hard to choose our favorite moments! One thing’s for sure, Super Junior’s concert is always a fun and exciting experience. They truly give their best performances to their fans, even after all these years.

Thank you Super Junior for an unforgettable 2–day concert in Manila! 

Photo sequence of Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk during Burn The Floor

Super Show 9: Road in Manila is Super Junior’s 6th solo concert staged in the Philippines and presented by Pulp Live World.

Full photo set for Day 1 and Day 2 here.

Words by Chen Villanueva, Gelo de Vera, and Christian Melanie Lee

Photos by Christian Melanie Lee

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