DPR The Regime Tour Manila: Dream Came True to Filipino Khiphop fans

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Filo Dreamers blown away from DPR last November 30 as DPR Cream, DPR Live, and DPR Ian performed some of their hits at the Filinvest Tent, Alabang.

If you're into KHiphop and K-R&B, Dream Perfect Regime is a multi-genre music and video group based in Seoul. They're focus on engage all audiences by actualizing a distinctive audiovisual experience. This is the group's second world tour. Fans doesn't disappoint about the entire show.

DPR The Regime Tour Manila show is a work of art. The lights, the stage design, the songs that they performed still amazed us. 

Getting there to see DPR Cream, DPR Ian and DPR Live, and other DPR crew was a memorable night for us especially their adorable fans whom we talked after the show. Some Dreamers shares their story how they became DPR IAN, DPR LIVE and DPR crew fan.

Emanon said, "My experience with Regime Tour was surreal. The reason I consider myself as “Dreamer” is because they motivate me to chase after my dreams, especially IAN. His creative process and expression is something that I want to see in myself—not the same of course because we are different; but I wish to have the same caliber and impact. Thus, to witness him perform live is something that I will take with me until the day I reach my dreams. Dabin is a pillar to me in terms of my “Why” I keep going, he is a philosophical artist that I look up to and his “To Whoever” track has been a home to me whenever I feel lost. To witness him perform that live, expressing it through his gestures and movements made me feel a lot. The Regime Tour made me feel a lot of emotions I only felt that night and I knew they were more significant to me than I thought when I went home at past midnight energized, despite being in the line at 9AM."


Trisha said, "From the day DPR announced the concert, the community (dprph and Khiphopph) did everything to help fans have a wonderful experience. From the planning of the transpo and such, i never saw a community that will go beyond to help their co-dreamers. And from the event proper, they never left GA they provide QNs for us so the line would be organized. So Kudos for the team!" 

"When 7 pm hits, GAs were so excited po to enter the venue. We didn't expect that we would be so close to the staged, the whole night we were just vibing enjoying the moment with co-dreamers. When con started everyone was excited to see cream and his setlist, Cream's performance was amazing, as a person who listens to a lot of beats and rhythms compilations there's something with they he orchestrate the sounds. Its electrifying, gonna to make you dance just by listening to it, i was hoping for it to be a little longer but i guess they're on a tight schedule. after that, Dabin (DPRlive) rock the stage with his flirtatious smile and aura. Seeing him having fun on stages just made the con very memorable. His performance, the energy and everything was on point. There was never a dull moment, i was hoping they would sing BOOM but maybe next time 😂. And don't get us started with DPRian, we were in trance the whole night. When he entered the stage, it just gave us goosebumps all over. We never expect to be starstruck by an artist, i wasn't like this when i saw panic! At the disco. When he performed winterfall, mr.instanity and calico, its as if i was on a dream. Hearing it live is better than Spotify 😂 his performance was absolutely stunning, the night was full of dancing. The way he interacts with fans are out of this world. I'm so glad to see him have fun with filo dreamers. We aren't the best crowd for nothing hahaha the last performance was To myself and the crowd when crazy! Seeing everyone upstage just sent dreamers on a frenzy. Singing DPR we gang gang until the end was the best memories of the concert. Kudos to the DPR team it was absolutely fun, dreamers still have PCD until now and we can't wait to see what's next for the team."


Je-ann and Aira said that they traveled to Manila to see DPR, "This concert is very memorable to me as this is also my first time attending a concert. My friend and I came all the way from Cebu just to see DPR. It is also our first time to travel outside Cebu with just ourselves. Manila is so much bigger than Cebu, and we risked it all for DPR. The concert was really colorful and it showed the DPR crew's creativity not just in music but also in production. It may be my first show, but i could really tell that it's the best show ever. It's not your ordinary show but it's an unforgettable experience. I really love how interactive they are, and they really showed how the DPR members love their fans. Can't wait for them to come back! We promise to go again."


Katrina Cervantes also shares her story. "As an avid music fan, the pandemic really dented my need to watch live gigs and concerts. I met great friends and my husband while watching band gigs and watching DPR live is no exception. Coming from the north side of Metro Manila and attending alone, the carpool idea was a blessing. I got to meet new 10 beautiful souls that share the same passion in listening to DPR as I am." 


"The show was incredible! No downtime in waiting for it to start as right when the clock hit 7PM, the show started for me. Listening to the background music and watching the lights grew my anticipation, like waiting for the rocket to launch. The last 15 minutes was me landing in an unknown planet and when it hit 8PM, DPR Cream opened the reception party! DPR Live welcomed me like an honorable guest and DPR Ian made me feel comfortable and told me that I deserve to be a guest in this party. After the show ended, my body is aching, but my heart is full! Watching them live took me back to why I wanted to attend gigs and concerts in the first place. It’s the shared experience. And connecting people through music is one of the experiences I would never ever shy away from experiencing."

Kylie B said it's a matter of fate when seeing them. "I’d like to think fate brought me to the DPR concert in Manila. As a fairly new fan, I made the impulse decision to buy my ticket a day before the show (thanks to the urging of a friend), and somehow things all fell into place after that. I met a lot of great friends and reunited with some I haven’t seen in a long time. I can’t really say that I have one specific highlight of the show but a few I’d like to touch on are that I felt a sense of nostalgia, especially since, I, just like Dabin (DPR Live) also spent my kindergarten to middle school years on Guam. It was nice to see how he said Manila felt like home and those words resonated with me. DPR: The Regime tour was my first ever K-hip-hop experience and it was a fantastic feeling to be around such an amazing community! The performances were more than I had expected. It wasn’t just a show, it was an experience. We danced, cried, laughed, and the passion and vulnerability of the artists were well-received by the audience. The DPR Gang made sure each member of the audience was fully immersed. The props, lighting, sounds - each aspect of the concert was well thought out and timed perfectly so every member of the audience felt just what mood or emotion it was the performers wanted to portray. The energy was palpable and the reciprocation of appreciation from the crowd and performers was an amazing thing to witness. As an avid concert-goer, DPR: The Regime Tour was hands down my favorite concert to date."


DPRWONU_ still cannot believed seeing them in the flesh. "I was anxious as I waited in line; I couldn't talk properly as my turn got near. Then it happened—it was our turn to take our photo with Ian, Live, and Cream. I was lucky enough to sit where Ian was. I just knew I had to grab the opportunity, so I may have told him how much I love him and asked if I could hold his hand, to which he answered with the sweetest smile and his infamous "of course" with his sexy Australian accent. Bonus: His hand is so soft, and he smells so good! Q and A happened right after, and it felt so nice to hear them talk and joke around like we were all just a big bunch of friends. When the concert proper started with DPR Cream and his sick beats, the crowd went wild, screaming their lungs out! After his set, DPR Live came to the stage, and it was so energetic and alive! Everyone is singing along to his songs, with Martini Blue and Jasmine as crowd favorites! It was so funny seeing Dabin flirt too. He really is a flirt on stage. I lost it when Cline joined him for Set It Off. It was such a riot! perfect way to end his set. DPR Ian then set foot on stage, and boy, it felt like watching art come to life. His stages are very artistic and creative! From his opening with MITO, to the wings set design, the hand that grabbed him, and the mirror! It was like he was telling a story, but through his songs and stages. I got emotional hearing "Nerves" live as it was a very special song to me. The crowd was really bringing their A-game with their cheers and screams; Ian even mentioned how insane the energy was. And of course, in true DPR fashion, the concert ended with a blast as everyone—PH Dreamers and the whole DPR gang—jammed and rocked to our anthem, To Myself. It was such a fun and intense experience! Really a dream perfect concert!"

"P.S John is the cutest bub ever!! We need more people to appreciate jawnsown!" 

Adey shares that she became a fan of DPR Live and DPR Ian for years. "It was 2018 when I first came across DPR LIVE's 'Jasmine' that got me hooked to his music. Followed by the discovery of DPR IAN's (pre-MITO) directorial work with MVs I loved, it was an easy entry point for me to the whole DPR group. I thought there was nothing they could do that would make me any more impressed than I currently am. Fast forward to 2022, I was proven wrong."


"Being able to attend their first ever concert in Manila felt more than just standing amongst a crowd and jamming to stage performances, it was an experience like no other. I was in awe the whole show because of how good they hype everyone up with each track performance – special mention to 'Hula hoops', 'Venus', 'Calico', 'Winterfall' – tied with the creative stage design, conceptualized up to the very last detail to deliver the most amazing show. It was very much on-brand with who DPR is and what DPR could do; vocals, rap, performance, music & video production, everything."

"In a nutshell, DPR Regime Tour Manila has raised my standard on what a concert should be. I never thought I would "DPR we gang gang" in real life. If my 2019 self watching a Dingo Freestyle performance of 'To Myself' at 2AM could see me right now, she would not believe this would ever happen. It was an honor that I got to see them live after years of only dreaming of it. And if the situation permits it, I would see DPR again and again."

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Special thanks to Karpos Multimedia for making us our night special with DPR.

Words by Christian Melanie Lee
Photos by Ben Bigs and Christian Melanie Lee

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