Thai Celebs Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat Hold their First Fan Meet in Manila

Josh Alvarez

Thai celebs Ohm Pawat at Nanon Korapat met with their Filipino fans last Jan. 21, at the Samsung Hall for Ohm-Nanon: First Fan meeting in Manila. Here are some moments Filipino Ronans will definitely never forget!


1. Solo and Paired Song numbers

Ohm and Nanon performed their renditions of various songs from their hit Thai series “Bad Buddy: The Series”. They opened the Manila fan meeting by singing Tilly Bird’s Same Page, the song used in their series’ trailer and was sung in acapella by Pat ( Ohm’s character in Bad Buddy) in its last episode to snatch a kiss from Pran (Nanon’s Character from Bad Buddy). Nanon also performed his beautiful rendition of “Just Friend”, which is also an OST from their series. The Manila fan meet ended with the buddies singing “Our Song”.


2. Ohm’s special gift to their Filipino fans

Speaking of song numbers, Ohm also showed his singing skills by performing his first-ever single. This single, entitled “Unlovable” is one of  of the OSTs of his new series, “10 Years Ticket”. What made the number special is that Ohm noted that it was at the fan meet that the he sang the said single for the first time.


3. Nanon’s never ending giggles and “I love You”

As they have told their Filipino fans themselves, Ohm and Nanon truly loved the energy of their Filipino audience that night. Fans were screaming on top of their lungs, literally and figuratively, even shouting “I love you” to both Ohm and Nanon. Nanon couldn’t resist and reverted back the love by telling his fans the same, well for so many times!


4. Buddies’ Games

Fan meetings won’t be complete without games. Ohm and Nanon went against each other in several games such as arm wrestling and farthest paper plane flyer. On the questions game, they were asked with some questions which they may answer or ask a fan for help. However, when they call a fan, they will face a consequence. The questions revolved around guessing Filipino trademarks such as jeepney and barong Tagalog and guessing the meaning of Filipino words and phrases such as “charot” and “mahal kita”. They asked help from some members of the audience for a few times causing them to receive consequences such as trying out a Filipino staple street food, “kwek-kwek”.


5. Fan surprises

Ohm and Nanon received a special gift from their Filipino fans. The two actors got to have a customized barong Tagalog, the national costume for Filipino males. Embroidered at the back of their barong tagalog are “OHM” and “NNN”. At the end of the fan meeting, they received a special video made by Filipino fans accompanied by the English version of “Our Song”. Ohm and Nanon thanked everyone who joined them that night.


The January fan meet was not Ohm and Nanon’s first appearance on a Philippine stage. Ohm was in Manila in 2019 for a fan meeting while Nanon just received the “Best Theme Song” award at the 27th Asian Television Awards last December 2022 at the Aliw Theater.


The Thai wave in the Philippines continues with this fan meeting of Ohm and Nanon. Just last December, F4 stars Bright, Win, Dew, and Nani also met with Filipino fans at the World Trade Center, a few months after Gulf Kanawut’s Manila fan meeting last October. Earlier last year, Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom also graced a fan meeting at the Theatre at Solaire.

OhmNanon 1st Fan Meeting in Manila was presented by CDM Entertainment.

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