3 Things to Get Excited About the Sweet Rendezvous with Park Jinyoung

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Love is in the air!

They always say that February has to be spent with our loved ones, so Ahgases are here to spend it with Park Jinyoung. 

Singer-actor Park Jinyoung returns to Manila on February 26, 2023 for his first ever fan meeting entitled 2022 PARK JINYOUNG FANCONCERT IN MANILA ‘Rendezvous: Secret Meeting Between You and Me’.

The fan meeting will surely captivate the heart of Ahgases with Park Jinyoung’s charisma and talent. 

Here are three things to get excited about the Sweet Rendezvous with Park Jinyoung.

1. Get to See a Different Side of Park Jinyoung

Before Park Jinyoung made a name for himself as a member of JJ Project and Got7, he started his journey in the entertainment industry as an actor. Over the years, Jinyoung has starred in multiple korean dramas such as “Dream High 2”, “When a Man Loves”, “This is My Love”, “When My Love Blooms”, “The Devil Judge”, and “Yumi's Cells” to name a few.

Aside from his bright career as a singer and actor, Park Jinyoung is more than what meets the eye. Get ready to see genuine sides of him that Ahgases have not seen yet at this solo fan meeting. He has prepared special stages that’s exclusively dedicated to his fans.

2. Fall in love with Park Jinyoung’s Sweet Serenade  

As a member of Got7, Park Jinyoung is widely known as a charismatic vocalist who sings with depth and emotions. Ahgases will surely fall deeply in love with him as he serenades his way to their heart with songs from his albums: WITH, Verse 2, Dive, and Got7.

You can listen to some of his songs here and you’ll feel loved over and over again.

3. Be Fascinated by a Romantic Ahgabong Ocean with Park Jinyoung

There’s nothing more romantic than being surrounded with Ahgabong green lights. Imagine standing there at the VVIP, VIP, Loge and Balcony Section watching Park Jinyoung spend a lovely night with the Ahgases as green lights glow around them. It will for sure be a night to remember. 

Are you ready to accept Park Jinyoung's Invitation?

Be Park Jinyoung’s Valentine this February 26, 2023, 5PM at the New Frontier Theater. Grab your tickets at Ticketnet outlets nationwide and online thru www.ticketnet.com.ph.

The #PARKJINYOUNGinMNL2023 is proudly brought to us by PULP Live World and Happee Hour.

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