Lee Jae Wook swoon over the heart of Filipino fans during his fanmeet

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South Korean actor Lee Jae Wook has won many people over with his endearing demeanor, alluring smile, and remarkable acting abilities. His roles in popular Korean dramas like Exceptional You (2019), Alchemy of Souls (2022), and Memories of the Alhambra have earned him recognition (2018). Hundreds of excited admirers who had been waiting to meet him in person attended his fan meet on March 11, 2023 in Manila, Philippines.

The venue for the said fanmeet was jam-packed with spectators eager to get a close-up look at Lee Jae Wook. He opened the fan meet with a singing performance, thanking his Filipino supporters and promising to make their time with him memorable. He was sporting a fashionable clothing and a broad grin.

During the Q&A portion of the fan meet, fans got the chance to ask Lee Jae Wook questions about his personal life, profession, and interests. The fans felt more of a connection to him since he responded to each query with excitement and sincerity. There were also fans who asked him for advice, and he responded with his frank comments, which made it more intimate for the fans.

The games that Lee Jae Wook played in during the fan meet were the event's high point. A few lucky fans got to play alongside him while they competed, and those who won got to take a selfie polaroid with him. Five games were scheduled, and five lucky fans were chosen at random to attend those games. There were many belly chuckles as he demonstrated his fondness for his supporters by providing them an unwavering advantage in every game. In the end, lucky fans triumphed, bringing joy and accomplishment to everyone who took part and watched.

He gave a farewell performance for his admirers following the games. A fan video for Lee Jae Wook then began to play, displaying the support of his followers for the actor. He thanks everyone and announces a random draw to award prizes to lucky admirers. He sent his most prized pair of glasses, which he really enjoys wearing, along with some polaroids of himself and the autographed Alchemy of Souls Soundtrack album.

Lee Jae Wook treated his supporters with care and respect during the fan meet, making them feel cherished and loved. At the conclusion of the fan event, he thanked his supporters and promised to visit the Philippines again soon. He also expressed his gratitude to the workers and organizers who made the fanmeeting possible. A fundamental memory of being a devoted fan for every fan has to be the unexpected hi-bye segment, where he would personally greet and bid you farewell as you left the theater.

Finally, Lee Jae Wook's fan meet in Manila was a resounding success and a treasured memory for his followers. The fanmeeting was packed with pleasure, laughing, and excitement, which demonstrated how much he values and appreciates his fans' support. Everyone in attendance was profoundly affected by it, which was a credit to his brilliance, generosity, and charisma.

Words and photos by Benedict Bigalbal

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