Project Culture aims to promote collide fashion, brands, and modern culture on March 18

Christian Melanie Lee

A fashion show with a concert headlined by QUESO, MASTAPLANN, AND OMAR BALIW will kick off at Brooklyn Warehouse.

Tees & Prints Printing Business Solutions Corp. will jumpstart their collaborative event called PROJECT CULTURE this March 18 at Brooklyn Warehouse, 2291 Recto Avenue, Manila. It will be an exciting day of celebrating clothing business, music, and fashion.

This will be a clothing convention that aims to provide the finest printmakers in the country and create a community with a vision for industrialization and the exportation of local fashion and clothing brands.

PROJECT CULTURE’s objective is to provide a fun and safe space for business-to-business partners to know each other better.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a festival without music. That is why we are giving you the prominent in the past, present, and future ranging from bouncing beats to hard-banging music. It will be headlined by MASTAPLANN, QUESO, AND OMAR BALIW.

The performance stage will also double as a fashion runway. It will be a moving artwork that exhibits the creativity of our garment designers. #projectCULTUREph #ToolsforCulture

A Fusion of Modern Clothing Culture

The shirts convention have the vision to empower independent local brands ranging from streetwear to sportswear, and also promote original Filipino culture via different genres of music stored for the event. This aims to welcome anyone who is starting a business in the brand and fashion industry. This is, of course, with the goal to harmonize with the past, present, and future generations of creatives who share the same goal of providing innovations in the clothing lifestyle. Some of the renowned garment decorators invited are Imprint Customs, Drifit Customs, Prime Gears, Kaeskwela and Leds Clothing alongside them are notable clothing lines like Hypebeat, No Rich Parents, Peachy, and Prolific.

A Variety of Music Genres

Apart from the goal of synthesizing suppliers to create a business-to-business relationship with our clients, this concert will be headlined by notable bands representing these renowned brands in the country featuring QUESO, MASTAPLANN, and OMAR BALIW. The lineup includes THE DIEGOS, COFFEE BREAK ISLAND, BIRD., JUICE BOX, ROAD 8, BUZZER BEATERS, and KALOOKAN DUB KOLLECTIVE.

Fashion Show

Experience functional art with PROJECT CULTURE. An exhibition of garment designers ranging from sustainable to fast fashion.

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