Stray Kids Holds Biggest MOA Arena Show Ever

Gelo de Vera

South Korean KPop group Stray Kids brought their Maniac World Tour carrying the biggest stage and production at the MOA Arena last March 11-12, 2023. 

Maniac featured the group’s hits and fan favorites, even rearranging some songs to spice up performances including Thunderous, Domino, and God’s Menu. 

The stage featured massive screens and an added installation of round LED screens extending projected visuals high up in the air. This definitely was one of the highlights of the experience as even mentioned by Pulp owners Happee & Vernon Go, the “MANIAC” stage was their biggest in terms of electrical needs. Moreover, speakers were in full blast so fans can feel every beat.  At this rate, the spider legs that appeared looked so-so. We couldn’t believe our eyes the entire night! 

Filipino fans definitely did not disappoint the boys as well, shocking the group’s leader Bang Chan with loud screams and chants. Even calling it their loudest show to date. 

For Day 2, the group even added performances of OPM hit “Ikaw” by Yeng Constantino and “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled. 

“MANIAC” production is what Stray Kids and Stays deserve after long years of hardwork and successful comebacks. The concert perfectly showcased what the group can offer in K-POP, serving “God’s Menu” with unique sounding tracks and raw rap verses. The boys’ visuals and charm just come as bonuses for a talented group and the much-awaited concert experience by STAYS. 

Photo credit: Pulp Live World

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