Squid Games actor, #GlobalBENCHSetter Wi Ha Jun spent memorable fan meet with PH Fans!

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Sought-after South Korean actor Wi Ha Jun, who rose to global fame for his role as police officer Hwang Jun-ho in the popular Netflix series "Squid Game," visited the Philippines for the first-ever meet-and-greet event titled "Gameplay with Wi Ha Jun: The Fan Meet."


Presented by one of the leading local clothing brands BENCH/, the unforgettable event with his devoted Filipino fans took place on May 21 at the New Frontier Theater.

Wi Ha Jun, who became one of the #GlobalBENCHSetters in May 2022, expressed his gratitude to his Filipino fans during the fan meet. It was a remarkable opportunity for him to connect with his fans and create lasting memories. In the future, Wi Ha Jun hopes to return to the Philippines to meet his fans once again or even explore popular tourist destinations such as Boracay and Cebu.



The fan meeting was an extraordinary night filled with exciting games, surprises, and K-lig moments that left the audience buzzing with excitement. Meeting Wi Ha Jun in person and witnessing his signature “killer” smile firsthand was a thrilling experience for PH fans.

The event was packed with activities, including Instagram post reviews, game segments inspired by "Squid Game," a cute and romantic ramen cooking date, and even dance breaks by Wi Ha Jun himself.

Ha Jun has gained immense popularity not only for his role in "Squid Game" but also for his outstanding performances in films such as "Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum" (2018), "Shark: The Beginning" (2021), and "Midnight" (2021). He has also showcased his talent in television programs like "Something in the Rain" (2018), "Romance Is a Bonus Book" (2018), "18 Again" (2020), and "Little Women" (2022).

When asked about his favorite role, Wi Ha Jun revealed that he mostly relates with his character in "Bad and Crazy" (2021). Moreover, he shared his readiness to take on acting roles in the romance genre, which received overwhelming approval from his fans.

Overall, the fan meeting with Wi Ha Jun was an extraordinary evening that will truly be a core memory for PH fans. It showcased the actor's warm personality, talent, dedication to his career, and genuine appreciation for all the support he receives.

He expressed his gratitude to BENCH and his admirers for the warm reception and unforgettable memories created during his visit. The event not only showcased Wi Ha Jun's talent and charm but also highlighted the strong bond between the actor and his loyal fans.

As Ha Jun continues to captivate audiences with his versatile acting skills, fans can anticipate and support his future projects as we wait for his return to the Philippines.

Words by Loren Maranan

Photos by Christian Melanie Lee

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