Wi Ha Jun Wants To Give His Filipino Fans Hugs

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Wi Ha Jun debuts his first-ever fanmeet in the Philippines for leading local clothing brand, Bench.

During the press conference held a day before his fan meet, the actor answered questions from the media which really got us excited for his upcoming fanmeet with Bench.

When asked about what he wants to do in the country, Ha Jun shared that he wants to visit Boracay and Cebu for a vacation. Moreover, he’s very excited to meet his Filipino fans and even shared that he wants to hug each and every one of his fan today.

Moreover, the actor shared interesting thoughts about characters he has played in the past. One being his character in Bad & Crazy being the role he really felt cute and confident in. In addition, he also shared that his Squid Game character is the role most alike to him. In talking about the most rewarding thing about being an actor, Ha Jun shared that he really feels rewarded when seeing his family enjoy his work. In addition, the fanmeet will also be an event he cannot wait to experience with his supporters following years of acting.

You can still be part of Bench Gameplay with Wi Ha Jun: The Fan Meet by visiting participating branches to score free tickets! The Bench Gameplay with Wi Ha Jun is happening on May 20th at the New Frontier Theater.

Words by Gelo de Vera
Photos by Christian Melanie Lee

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