Minzy Comes Back Home to Manila

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Minzy, member of legendary K-Pop quartet 2NE1, brought The Glee Tour to the Philippines, the country she considers her second home.

Minzy was committed to delivering “a party that everyone can enjoy together,” and she set the tone for what the rest of the night would be by opening with high-energy tracks Crush, Ninano, and Fantabulous.

The night’s setlist showcased her range as an all-rounded talent, performing her originals, 2NE1 releases, as well as covers. She performed with attitude and pizzazz. Her dance break to a remix of All of You Say, Savage, and On and On was particularly memorable. Ballads were delivered with passion, she notes Beautiful Lie was a song she wrote herself and really wanted to perform live.

The partying took a pause as she serenaded with a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. In an Instagram post after the event, she referenced the song to describe her fans saying “you guys are perfect tonight”. Of course, 2NE1 bops like I Am The Best, Come Back Home, and Go Away would never be out of style and brought bustling energy to the show.

The Philippines has consistently shown love to 2NE1 as a group and as soloists, with all members having come to the country for individual activities. This time, POS and Blackjacks trooped to the New Frontier Theater dressed in variations of gold, sparkles, and even full drag to show all-out support for Minzy’s first solo concert here.

Minzy is grateful for the support from Filipinos. As soon as she landed, she went out of her way to meet the fans who welcomed her at the airport. She also made sure to include the Tagalog version of her 2020 track Lovely on the setlist.

A video message from fans during the concert had her in tears. She shared that her fans are the sole reason she's trying to become a better person. She then left with a promise to “come back with cool music and a better me.”

2NE1 may have disbanded but Minzy’s concert showed everyone the immense talent and star power a single member of the group possesses. Minzy performed the tracks that made her a sensation, while also proving her merit as her own artist.

Words by Marijo Endriga
Photos by Randall Viloria

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