Park Bom and Filipino Bomshells together just feels so right

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The vocalist of one of K-pop’s most iconic girl groups 2NE1, Park Bom had her first fan concert last June 10, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater.

Filipino Bomshells and Blackjacks came decked in their best 2NE1-inspired outfits. Some even dressed as Bom and 2NE1 themselves.

2NE1’s “FIRE” blasted through the speakers where Edsa Xxtra, a drag queen and impersonator of CL, gave out an impromptu pre-show performance. This hyped up the crowd and kicked off the event in the most energetic way. After this, Bom finally came out to perform her song “Spring” featuring Sandara Park.

After the first two songs, Fritz Gerald, a lucky fan and known impersonator of Park Bom, also shared their emotional experience of meeting Bom at the airport upon her arrival in Manila where they also got their legs signed by the idol herself.

Bom came back to the stage to perform “4:44”, an emotional ballad song about feeling alone and bitter after a break up.

This fan concert is truly not only by Bom, but for her fans as well. Interactive games and activities were included in the program where fans get to dance and sing on stage with Bom. Dance challenge, Q&A, and song relay were played by the fans. Winners get to have their own polaroid photo with Bom. And even if some participants did not win, they really did not lose as they got free hugs with Bom as well. It was such a heartwarming moment to witness an idol and their fans interact as if they are long time besties who were reunited after not seeing each other for a long time.


When it was time for a photo with the crowd, the surprise video fan project of Filipino Bomshells featuring fans at iconic landmarks all over the Philippines were played on the screen. This surprised Bom and fans got emotional as past performances and clips of Bom and 2NE1 were shown on the screen. It perfectly encapsulates the journey of Bom and her members had gone through over the years. And in both success and hardships, her fans had and will always be there for her. Through tears, Bom thanked everyone who came and said “Mahal ko kayo”.

This event is presented by Neuwave Events and Productions.

Words by Zee Puerto
Photos by Randall Viloria

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