Park Eun Bin's Aromagicare fanmeet: A core memory for Filipino BINGOs

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South Korean actress, Park Eun Bin known for her spectacular performance on her recent drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, captivated thousands of Filipino BINGOS (official fan name of Park Eun Bin) during her highly-anticipated fan meet event held in Manila organized by Aromagicare. 

It was a packed with her devoted fans who gathered to express their love and support for the admired actress. She opened the fan meet with a singing performance of the song Cupid by Fifty Fifty where the fans cheered and sang along all throughout the venue.

Lucky BINGOS got the chance to ask Park Eun Bin questions about her personal life during the Q&A session. Questions about her personal life, profession, preference, and interests made the fans feel more connected and closer to her as she responded to each query with excitement and sincerity. 

A fan asked if she wasn’t an actress what career she should be taking and she answered without hesitation that she couldve been a doctor as her nature is making people smile. She would also recall how her fans were waiting for her to arrive at the airport and even though it was a short time, she was touched by the fact that her fans were waiting for her. She would often insert witty Tagalog phrases which made the host Denise Laurel and the fans surprised and elated, to quote Denise Laurel’s reaction to one of her answers.. “What can’t she not do.” 


We also got to see her other works and get a TMI or more comments about it. We witnessed her on a shoot to which she added that on every editorial she would try to show a side of her she hasn’t shown yet. She also shared how luck she is that her interest in violin since she was a child was given the chance to be fulfilled as she played a character that needed to play the violin in one of her dramas.

There were a lot of games and giveaways for lucky fans during the fan meet. She gave a beautiful flower arrangement which was manually assembled by her to a lucky fan who has had a birthday that day. Being a perfectionist, she didnt stop until she was satisfied with her arrangement and was proud at the end.

She also gave a personal gift to one of her oldest fans aged 69 and her youngest fan which was a baby that was present in the venue. She jokingly asked if the baby already knew her. There were a lot of games to which the lucky fans get to have a hug, and a selfie with her on stage, with some fans being envious but happy for their experiences. A lot of fans had personal interactions with Park Eun Bin, to which many could call a “core memory”.

Following up with the games, a video made by her fans began to play to which she was touched. BINGOS worldwide congratulated her on winning the prestigious Baeksang Award for Best Actress. She thanks everyone and ask to support her upcoming KDrama that would show soon.

The said fanmeet ended when Eun Bin sang Especially for You, originally by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan which her fans in awe to her beautiful voice. After the song, she bid her final goodbye and urged everyone to keep supporting her. She thanked Aromagicare for being able to meet her fans and hopes she comes back again soon after her Kdrama. Some lucky fans got a chance to meet her personally up close, after the main event.

Park Eun Bin’s fan meet in Manila was a tremendous success and a guaranteed “core memory” to Filo BINGOS. The occasion was filled with joy, excitement, and smiles. She showed how much she loves her Pinoy BINGOS by learning tagalog phrases that came out naturally and appreciate her fans’ support. Everyone in attendance came home smiling and their hearts full as they have met their favorite actress.

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