PH Fans Welcome Between Us the Series Cast for First Manila Fanmeeting

Josh Alvarez

May 28 is a day to remember for attendees of “Between Me & You: Between Us the Series Fanmeeting in Manila 2023” following a fun-filled day with some of Between Us the Series cast at the SM Skydome, SM North Edsa.

The series cast members, Thai actors Boun Noppanut, Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong, Benz Panupun Vongjorn, Tae Weerapat Toemmaneerat, Bosston Suphadach Wilairat, Sammy Melanie Coates, Sood Yacht Patsit Permpoonsavat, and Oreo Puwanai Sangwan, were present during the Sunday gathering. Here are what we learned about the artists when they meet with the press!

Sammy and Yacht love to travel!

When we asked Sammy and Yacht about the best memories they had in the filming set of Between Us the Series, Yacht told us that he really loved the part that he got to travel while filming. Sammy was also with Yacht on being able to travel and at the same time earning money. She also everything was a good experience with them being surrounded by good friends and staff.

Travelling to Thailand soon? Here are some places you might want to add to your itinerary!

Speaking of travels, Tae and Bosston were asked about places they would recommend to their PH fans to visit in Thailand. As a goer himself, Tae suggested that for ‘secret shopping’ of low-priced second-hand goods, then we must go to Pattavikorn Market in Bangkok. Upon further research, we learned that the said market is really a huge one and is all the thrifters out there are very much welcome. Bosston shares that if you want to go on an adventure, that you must go to a water phom park. Bosston knows how to beat the heat in Thailand!

Artists that they look up to


We asked Boun and Oreo of the actors they follow and look up to. Boun told us that he really looks after all actors as they are all good and very different from each other. Oreo, agreed with Boun but also mentioned one in particular-no less than Boun himself! Oreo admires Boun as he was able to see how Boun really prepared for the role that he really knows what he is doing. The cast were also asked about PH artists they would like to collaborate with in the future. They really did not know someone in particular but they are open to any possibility.

Careers the cast would have taken if they were not actors

Prem and Bosston seem to be living with their Between Us the Series characters as they would want to pursue sports if they were not an actor. It can be remembered that in the series, Prem and Bosston played as members of the university swimming team. Aside from sports, Bosston would also like to be in the field of music.

The actors have a very close bond

When asked about the lessons they acquired in filming the series, Boun believes that it is his friendship with the cast that will always be with him. In addition, when the cast was asked about a place where they could be if it’s going to be an all-expense paid trip, Sammy happilty responded that the place won’t matter as long as she is joined with by the whole cast. Their responses really show how the relationship between the cast has flourished during the filming of their series.


Shortly after the press conference, individual media outlets had the chance to have a short interview with the cast. Soundcheck followed and the SM Skydome started to be filled with fans afterwards for the 5 PM fanmeeting. We listed some of the things we enjoyed during the fanmeeting!

Opening Song Number and Filipino Greetings!

The cast opened the fanmeeting with Boy Sompob’s “The Luckiest Boy” which is among the official soundtrack of hit Thai series “Until We Meet Again” (UWMA). “Between Us the Series” is a 2022 spin-off of the said 2019 series. Boun and Prem played the roles of Win and Team respectively in both series. Sammy, Bosston, and Yacht are also part of UWMA. Each of the cast members greeted the fans in Filipino sentences such as “mabuhay!” and “magandang gabi” (good evening). Bosston even asked the Skydome crowd with “Okay pa ba kayo?” (are you still okay?) while Boun thanked the fans with “salamat po sa pagpunta” (thank you for coming).

Pair performances and Games

A fanmeeting will never be complete without more performances and games played by the actors.

Tae and Benz performed “Chôhk dee kâe năi” (Until We Meet Again), another song from UWMA’s OST. They then played “Lie to Me”, a game which involved a “lie detector” machine which shocks the players when they are “not telling the truth”. Some facts seemed to be confirmed by the machine such as Benz being a best buddy to Tae. Tae also gave the Manila crowd a glimpse of his dancing skills.

Sammy and Bosston followed Tae and Benz. The pair performed “Yàak bòk ter” (I want to tell you), a song sung by no less than Sammy herself. Their number started with them singing from the far right and far left areas of the SM Skydome then meeting at the middle of the venue giving extra feels to the performance. They afterwards played a game dubbed as “Only Reminds Me of You”, in which a word was given for each round and the pair was asked to write a word that somes into their minds when they hear it. It was a test of how similar the two think which showed how close they are to each other. They were asked about Philippines and both of them wrote “fans”.

Yacht and Oreo gave their fans a live performance of their song “Unexpectedly”, an OST from Between Us the Series. The audience were thrilled when Oreo came singing from the rear end of the SM Skydome eventually reaching his hands to Yacht as he climbed up the stage. They eventually played “You and I: Who and Why?”, a game that asks the pair to raise a picture of who among them is more likely to do something asked by the host. We learned from the game that both of them now play games until early morning even though it was only Oreo who originally have the habit. It seems that Oreo influenced Yacht to play online games ‘til they drop! 

Boun and Prem sang “Hold My Hand Tight”. They afterwards play the game “Pick Me Up” which allowed them to pick questions written by their fans on memo pads and answer them on stage. We learned from this segment that they will soon have a new series and that they have already finished shooting it. We also learned that should they be given the chance to travel back in time, Boun and Prem would choose to live in the Y2K era because they really love the styles and fashion during that time.

All cast members then returned to the stage to play “Charade Parade”, a paired game that where one acts the given word and the other guesses it. Tae and Benz won this segment with whopping 9 points!

Fan interaction

The cast did not disappoint as they gave chance to their fans to meet them up-close during the hi-touch and photo-ops. We witnessed how happy each fan was as they leave the venue. A lucky fan was even given the chance to have a polaroid shot with Tae and Benz as prize for winning Charade Parade.

Unforgettable Closing Moments

The cast performed “Our Song” as the fanmeeting nears its end. The cast returned to the stage clad in Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana to watch a video their Filipino fans have prepared for them. Each artist was given a chance to thank their supporters and some of them got teary and emotional. As Benz will soon celebrate his birthday, he also received a surprise birthday cake and greetings. The program ended with another song, this time by Filipino band, IV of Spades, “Come Inside my Heart”. In this portion, the artists made paper planes fly to their fans.

Full set of photos here

The Thai Wave continues with several fanmeetings and conventions by Thai artists happening in the PH capital. This June, comeback is expected for Win Metawin from the 2020 hit "2gether the Series" and Thai version of "F4". Cast of “Cutie Pie: The Series” will also hold their first fanmeeting at the Aliw Theater. Between Me & You: Between Us the Series Fanmeeting in Manila 2023 was presented by Wish Us Luck and Studio Wabi Sabi.

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