Win Metawin Meets His Filipino Fans The Best Way Possible

Gelo de Vera

One of Thailand’s hottest leading men, Win Metawin, visited the Philippines for a one-night-only fanmeet last June 11 at the New Frontier Theater. 

Here are three most memorable events that happened during the night!

Win gets all the love he deserves!

The fans of the actor did not fail to give their best boy all their love throughout the night. During a portion of the show, Win read plenty of messages, which fans wrote prior going to the venue, which got us all in awe. Moreover, Filipino fans expressed their love loud enough from start to finish as Win performed songs and did interviews.  

Win got closer to everyone!

During the intimate fanmeet, the actor also did not disappoint fans in giving fan service. The actor himself went down on stage to see his fans’ faces closer. Win went around the concert venue to say hi to each and every one in the venue.

Win brings more hype over “Side By Side” concert

As the actor is famous from the series “2Gether” alongside fellow actor Bright Vachirawit, fans could not contain theirselves and expressed through chants how they want Side By Side, the pairing’s concert, in Manila. While the actor simply smiled at the possibility, it got us nostalgic over how we all felt watching BrightWin during the pandemic. And we are one with his fans in wishing for a Side by Side concert in Manila.

The fanmeet is definitely a “WIN” for Filipino fans as Pulp Live World made getting closer to Win Metawin possible. After the performances, most of the fans were also able to meet Win upclose to have photos taken on-stage. Certainly, the 1st fanmeet will forever be stamped in the fans’ and Win’s heart. 

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