Three reasons why you should watch Turnover in Manila

Christian Melanie Lee
American rock band, Turnover set to return in Manila this August 31! 

They are known for their blend of indie rock, dream pop, and emo influences. The band was formed in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 2009, consisting of vocalist Austin Getz, bassist Danny Dempsey, guitarist Nick Rayfield and drummer Casey Getz.

Here are 3 reasons why you should watch Turnover in Manila:

Turnover's music evolved significantly over their career. They began with a more aggressive, punk-influenced sound but eventually, they shifted towards a dreamier, shoegaze-inspired style. This evolution is evident in their discography.

From their 2015, "Peripheral Vision" which marked their transition to a more dream pop and shoegaze sound to "Good Nature" which was released in 2017, they continued the band's exploration of dream pop and incorporated elements of surf rock. Tracks like "Super Natural" and "Sunshine Type" are notable from this release. 

Their music evolved not only in terms of sound but also lyrically. They explored themes of self-discovery, nostalgia, and personal growth in their later work.

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Turnover in Manila presented by Pulp Live World and Skesh Entertainment.

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