BamBam's Area 52 in Manila is Not a Concert but a Festival

Arielle Elep
BamBam of GOT7’s BIG return to the country is not just an appearance, nor a setlist next to other artists in a music fest; BamBam came back in full force with his very first concert and his very first stop outside Seoul (by choice!) AREA 52 2023-2023 World Tour! The lovable and talented artist shook the Big Dome last September 22, 2023, bringing Dreamnote as his opening act and the one and only Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas, Sandara Park!

The Filo Ahgases, who are now used to the tingi saga, did not fall short in showing up for BamBam, as they always do whenever a GOT7 member shows up on our shores, were smothered with treats and special stages and the event was tailor-fitted to the Filipinos so much that he might as well be given an honorary Filipino badge, with his frequent visits in the country!

Shady Bam!

The handsome BamBam showed up, clad in all-black with sunglasses when he met the lucky winners of the press conference pass and fan sign a day before his big concert in the country. He gushed about choosing the Philippines as the next stop after Seoul because of the Filo Ahgases' energy.

“You guys made me really impressed! I love your energy so much and I want to feel the heat before I start the world tour so I chose Manila as my first stop!”

Some questions during the Q&A revealed his artistry and how he thinks that all his songs are his babies, noting that riBBon might be his favorite as it represented him well as a solo artist.



“I don’t want to be just a concert like other artists where they perform songs and leave. I want to be able to communicate with the fans. It’s not just a concert, it’s going to be a festival.” he said.

He also mentioned that he was challenged to eat the famous balut by Dara herself and he teased the Ahgases by saying he wants to try eating his own fandom, his baby chicks!

He also talked a bit about GOT7 and how he felt as a solo artist and as a member of the group, doing world tours on his own. “It’s a bit lonely in the hotel sometimes.” But he also noted that he’s excited that he’s doing well on his own and acknowledged that all other members have their own things and styles of music.

“SHOT PUNO!” is the first phrase that came into his head when asked what was the best word to describe his Filipino fans. He said he noticed that his Filo Ahgases just loved drinking, (with a short reminder to drink responsibly!), and a perfect song for them is not ‘Sour and Sweet’’ but ‘Sour and Spicy.’ “I like you guys,” he added.


Taking his sunglasses off, he then proceeded with the fan sign where he communicated briefly with each fan as he signed off a poster for AREA 52, which we know that albeit it being brief, was definitely memorable for each.

Dreamnote also had a press conference later that day, which included playing games with their fans and they said they were incredibly honored to be BamBam’s opening act as they never had the opportunity to see their Filipino fans. They also mentioned that if given the opportunity, they would want to collaborate with Filipino artists like SB19 as they are aware of the waves ‘GENTO’ is causing on social media. They also performed ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Broken’, a preview of what they will serve as the opening act for the concert the next day.



Dreamnote set the mood by performing ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Broken’ and cheered on their senior artist, thanking him for bringing them into the country and thanking the Ahgases for the cheers.


The man of the hour, of course, delivered his own charm on stage by opening strong with ‘Intro (Satellites)’, ‘Wheels Up’, ‘Pandora’ and ‘Ride or Die.’ The stage was visually striking, with BamBam at the center of the spectacle, not falling short of energy and talent. There was even a modern interpretative moment where he was poetic looking in red and danced gracefully, opening “Who Are You”, a song that he featured Seulgi of Red Velvet. Songs like ‘Ghost’, ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Air’, ‘Subliminal’, ‘Tippy Toe’ and his favorite, ‘riBBon’ are among the tracks he released from his EPs, and singles were also performed on the stage that night, with incredible lighting and visual that is a feast to the eye.

It wouldn’t be a GOT7 tingi if a GOT7 track did not sneak into his set list, eliciting waves of enthusiasm to the loyal Ahgases. ‘Look’ made it to the encore and a rather water-splashing event took place with ‘Hard Carry’, as BamBam and his dance crew got infected with the hype of the arena.

Exclusive for Filo Ahgases Only

It’s like BamBam created a whole new concert set for his Filipino fans because not only did he sing one Filipino song, he covered TWO of them, one of which he even recorded in a studio, danced to a Filipino Dance challenge, brought out our Pambansang Krung-Krung and the never-ending “SHOT PUNO!”

The artist had been hinting that he was going to sing ‘Raining in Manila’ by Lola Amour, days prior to his visit in his tweets but when he performed it, the Ahgases won with another round of him singing the song! Don’t you love it when your idol spoils you?

for you Manila🇵🇭— BamBam (@BamBam1A) September 23, 2023

Not only this, he also chose 16 fans for a special treat, as he chose their seats at random when it was only originally 5 fans from the crowd! Of course, we have to talk about how he gave the gorgeous Dara her own set, with ‘Dara Dara’, ‘Festival’, which BamBam and Dara danced together towards the latter part of the song, a 2023 version of her first ever single, ‘In or Out’. Did we mention that BamBam did the GENTO challenge TWICE? The fans just couldn’t get enough of him doing Filipino novelties and he loved indulging his fans as always, that’s why he’s one of the most loved KPOP idols out there. The fan service is genuine and healthy, it shows his appreciation and enthusiasm and the fans just revel in it. Closing the night, he sang Ronnie Liang’s ‘Ngiti’, which showed that he’s not just GOT7’s lead rapper but he had some talent in ballads too!

“Your energy is crazy Manila!”

- BamBam, 2023

The night ended with BamBam completing the fan perks, with photo opportunities and hi-bye sessions to the lucky ticket holders, and sealed it with a successful stop that geared for more shows for his Area 52 World Tour.


Here’s the long-awaited group photo 📸 with our ❤️ pinaka-mamahal na si BamBam, thank you so much for all IGOT7!

GROUP PHOTO DOWNLOAD LINK #THE1STWORLDTOUR #AREA52 #GOT7— iMe Philippines (@ImePhilippines) September 25, 2023

As always, the Ahgases did not let the energy waver as their relationship with each GOT7 member is one of the strongest and most loyal among the fandoms of KPOP, not failing to show up and painting the town green with pride, knowing that one day, GOT7 will end the tingi saga and be on the same stage as seven.

Photos by Christian Melanie Lee for the presscon; Richard Esguerra and Randall Viloria for the concert

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