Between U and Me, it was a magical and nostalgic night with KIM BUM

Reyn Guergio

After more than a decade, South Korean actor Kim Bum has returned to the Philippines for a 2-day fanmeeting titled '2023 Between U and Me' in both Manila and Cebu.

We recognize Kim Bum for his prominent diverse roles: the wealthy playboy in 'Boys Over Flowers', the vengeful gumiho in 'The Nine Tailed' series, a ghost-possessed doctor in 'Ghost Doctor', and a diligent student in 'Law School'. And this time, PH Bummies were filled with excitement, knowing that they were moments away from learning more about Bum on a deeper level.

Kim Bum began the Manila fan meeting by serenading his fans with 'Wind Song' by Kei of Lovelyz, a soundtrack from his latest K-drama, 'Tail of the Nine Tailed 1938'. He then greeted his fans in Tagalog, saying,“Samahan niyo akong gumawa ng di-malilimutang alaala today. Simulan na natin!”

After that, the 'Kim Bum Awards' commenced, where fans unanimously voted 'cute' as the word that best describes hi. The fans also analyzed and compared the roles he's played, to which PH Bummies showed their appreciation for each with resounding cheers.

One of the evening's highlights was when Kim Bum played a game with his fans, and took the chance to showcase his dance skills. The fans witnessed the cutest dance cover anyone has ever seen of New Jean's 'ETA', followed by his dance cover of Blackpink Jisoo's 'Flower'. And lastly, he danced to Le Serrafim's 'Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife'. Each performance charmed and captivated the crowd, eliciting loud cheers for Bum's cuteness.

Fun fact: For three months, Kim Bum learned and prepared seven dance routines for the fanmeeting. Even as an introvert and a shy individual, he has surprisingly overcome this hurdle and was able to deliver! He humorously mentioned that he had taken on this effort solely to make his fans’ happy, admitting, 'I've never even danced in front of my mother.'

Kim Bum swept everyone down memory lane by performing 'Because I'm Stupid', the iconic OST from 'Boys Over Flowers'. As his scenes from the drama played in the background, he sang alongside the fans at the New Frontier Theater. This nostalgic performance reminded the PH Bummies of the role that had initially sparked their admiration for him.

A fanmeet wouldn't be complete without fun games, right? And Bum certainly brought plenty to his 'Between U and Me' fanmeet! All the fans in attendance participated in the TMI game with Bum. To start, everyone stood up. Those who answered incorrectly had to sit down and were thereby eliminated, while those who answered correctly remained standing. In the end, four lucky fans won the game, earning the opportunity to join Kim Bum onstage for a Polaroid picture. Multiple games were played by the actor and fans after that, including traditional Korean games. The winners received gifts from Bum and they also got a hug from him! Aaww!

To make the evening extra thrilling, he goes down the stage to meet everyone face-to-face! He's truly a sweetheart!

As the fanmeet draws to a close, a video created by the fans was played. It was evident how deeply touched Kim Bum was by his fans' efforts. Although it took him more than ten years to return, he expressed genuine joy at having done so.

“Iingatan ko lahat ng to sa puso ko hanggang sa huling pagkikita natin,” he said tearfully, looking out at his cheering fans. He wrapped up the night with a surprise gift for his fans, serenading everyone with a cover of “My Universe” by BTS. 

To ensure it would be an unforgettable night for his PH Bummies, Kim Bum stood by the exit door of the venue, waving goodbye so everyone could see him up close for one last time. Even fans seated in the balcony and loge on the 2nd floor had the chance to see him just a few inches away.

It was indeed a magical night with Kim Bum and PH Bummies. An evening filled with captivating song performances, charming dance covers, fun games, and, last but not the least, the long-awaited interaction with the beloved actor. Undoubtedly, this night will hold a cherished place in everyone's hearts.

Event brought to us by Viu Philippines

Photos by Caren Gudiaga

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