6 songs you need to add to your playlist ahead of K-MAGIC LIVE this Friday

Reyn Guergio

For the very first time, three 2nd-gen Kpop icons will be performing at the Mall of Asia Arena in one magical concert. Presented by OctoArts Entertainment, GOT7 Yugyeom, Taemin from SHINee, and SNSD's Hyoyeon/HYO are set to amaze the K-MAGIC LIVE crowd with their performances this coming Friday.

We're sure you are already familiar with GOT7, SHINee, and SNSD songs. But before you head to the venue to enjoy their artistry, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with their solo music. So, here are some songs you should add to your playlist and start jamming to right away:


"LOLO" is a hip-hop track that Yugyeom released just this year. It's the type of music that's perfect for car rides when you just want to enjoy the beat while observing the city's skyscrapers.

Chill with Yugyeom and Lee Hi's 'Say Nothing' digital single. Lee Hi's honey-like voice blends perfectly with Yugyeom's mellow vocal tone. You'll find it's an instant favorite after just one listen!


If you're a Kpop stan and don't know Taemin's 'Move,' we might have to question your fan status (just kidding!). If you're unaware of how good 'Move' is, we recommend sitting back and watching the music video and dance performances. There's a reason Taemin is hailed as the idol of idols in Kpop when it comes to dance skills.

Taemin released 'Advice' in 2021, and we can't get over how addictive it is! This is an R&B track that he left for his SHAWOLs before he enlisted in the military. Since its release, we can't get "Best take my own advice" out of our heads!


And last but not least, Queen Hyoyeon! Whether you're a SONE or not, you're always in the loop whenever Hyoyeon releases new music due to all the media buzz. Every Hyoyeon track becomes an instant TikTok viral sound because she consistently delivers music everyone can dance to! 'Picture' is her latest pop single, which will make you want to leave your seat and dance!

'Second' by Hyoyeon is one of my go-to jams that I listen to each day. Her soothing husky voice perfectly complements the upbeat, poppy rhythm and vibes of the song. Plus, BIBI’'s rap part is incredibly satisfying too!

Ahgase, Shawol, SONE - no matter your fandom, K-Magic Live is a concert you really shouldn't miss! If you still don't have tickets, grab yours now via SMTickets. You can check out the ticket prices and perks here:

Presented by OctoArts Entertainment

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