Hwang Min Hyun Unveils a Perfect Universe in Manila: A Night to Remember

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The New Frontier Theater came alive last Saturday as fans gathered for the much-anticipated <Unveil> Mini-Concert by Hwang Min Hyun. The evening began with a vibrant press conference where the charismatic artist greeted the media with a warm smile, setting the tone for an unforgettable night.

During the press conference, Min Hyun graciously answered questions, showcasing his versatility and passion for his craft. When asked about his favorite role so far, he expressed a desire to explore more roles, emphasizing his commitment to growth as an artist. Delving into a lighthearted moment, he was posed with the choice between a superpower of having a photographic memory or the ability to detect lies. His thoughtful response favored the latter, acknowledging the burden but valuing the honesty it brings.

Sharing delightful behind-the-scenes anecdotes from "My Lovely Liar," Min Hyun recounted a camping scene where the director encouraged a genuine, at-home atmosphere. He took initiative, roasting nuts and creating an authentic ambiance.

The singer also revealed his dream destination in the Philippines—Boracay—for its breathtaking sunsets. Expressing a love for photography, Min Hyun unveiled his latest interest, hinting at a potential intersection of his artistic pursuits.

As the sun set, the main show began, with Min Hyun making a hot entrance, capturing the hearts of fans with "Hidden Side." He seamlessly blended his Korean charm with a sweet Filipino greeting, creating an immediate connection with the audience.

The mini-concert showcased Min Hyun's diverse talent, with electrifying performances of tracks like 'Honest,' 'Earphones,' and 'So Beautiful.' His attempt at the Unveil Timing Game brought laughter and joy, especially when dancing to 'Super Shy' and 'BETCHA' by Baekhyun.


Throughout the night, Min Hyun demonstrated his versatility by becoming a DJ, offering love advice, and performing soul-stirring OSTs such as 'Crazy' and 'Back In Time.' The emotional resonance of his voice during 'Smile' and 'Alchemy of Souls' left the audience in awe.

In a heartwarming moment, Min Hyun expressed his gratitude to Filipino fans, urging them to go home and stay healthy. As the perfect universe he created unfolded, the night concluded with the unforgettable words, "Mahal na mahal ko kayo, ingat kayo."
Hwang Min Hyun indeed unveiled a perfect universe, leaving a lasting impression on Manila and creating a cherished memory for fans that will resonate for years to come.

Special thanks to Pulp Live World for Hwang Min Hyun <Unveil> Mini-Concert invite

Words by: Gwyn Marie Javier

Photos by Christian Melanie Lee

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