Christian Bautista’s Return to Indonesia Celebrated the Nostalgic and the New

Christian Melanie Lee
Asia’s Romantic Balladeer and NYMA co-managed talent Christian Bautista recently visited Indonesia, igniting a whirlwind of musical nostalgia and creative exploration. 

Initially in Bali to grace and perform at a high-profile wedding, his trip eventually turned into a reacquaintance with the vibrant Indonesian music scene and a homecoming of sorts.

The pinnacle of his visit was a remarkable triumph in a virtual sing-off with talented Indonesian artist Fabio Asher in the Trebel Versus battle in the Trebel music app. Voted in by millennials, Bautista’s original “Since I Found You” from the 2005 EP ‘Completely’ ranked higher than the hometown bet’s rendition and has found a new audience with the younger listeners. 

“It is both uplifting and humbling to still be recognized this way after all these years and by a new set of listeners in Indonesia,” Bautista remarks.

A product of a musical search on TV in 2003, Bautista has been a hitmaker in Indonesia for almost as long as he has been a star in the Philippines. He has even gone on to record music in Bahasa aside from importing his own OPM repertoire, underscoring his cross-cultural appeal.

Christian’s original “Since I Found You” won over Indonesian artist Fabio Asher’s version in Trebel Versus, the virtual sing-off feature of music app Trebel.

He likewise seized opportunities to collaborate with Indonesia’s foremost content creators, gracing their videos with his charisma and ease. His seamless integration into the local creative sphere exemplified his adaptability and genuine connection with the Indonesian audience.

On IndoMusik’s IMGames YouTube channel, he belted his signature hit “The Way You Look at Me'' together with the show’s hosts stirring both nostalgia and comedy. In a separate TikTok clip, he harmonized with one of the show’s hosts, singer Alsa Aqilah, and gave the aforementioned classic a new twist. He also tasted 7 Must-Try Manadonese Dishes with leading food reviewer Serly, singing through rounds of spicy and savory delicacies. In the GJLS show, Bautista promoted his latest single “You Are Everything,conversed in Bahasa, and taught Tagalog phrases to the show’s trouper hosts. 

Christian with the hosts of IMGames, premiere food reviewer Serly, and the boys of the GJLS show.

Bautista also documented his experiences on platforms such as TikTok in the manner of today’s breed of content creators. His quick witted, humorous perspective as he tried krupuk or local crackers of every sort and sampled pastries from actress and host Prilly Latuconsina’s La Joie Bakery Café offered a fresh lens through which followers could preview Indonesia’s diverseflavors. 

This foray into content creation seems a promising foundation for an exciting addition to his career. Christian: the comic or Christian: the food reviewer? Anything’s possible!

Has Christian entered his food reviewer era? Your guess is as good as ours!

“Digital has made it possible to blur boundaries and reach out to as many people as possible, but nothing gives the warmth of a face to face encounter,” Bautista shares. “I am fortunate to be able to be present physically and virtually, for a country that has taken me in like one of their own.”

Meet-up with some of Christian's most loyal fans at IndoCF.

Bautista's visit to Indonesia not only served as a reminder of his contributions to the local music scene but also resonated deeply with his fans, old and new. His unmistakable talent and affable demeanor towards his adoptive country were missed, fostering an anticipation for future collaborations and endeavors.

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