PENSHOPPE's Chanyeol Fanmeet in Manila: A Night of Fashion, Fun, and Fan Love

In a dazzling display of charisma and talent, Chanyeol, known as the Cherry Prince and EXO's Happy Virus, lit up the Mall of Asia Arena on December 16, 2023, for his fanmeet sponsored by PENSHOPPE. 

The multifaceted artist, who is currently Penshoppe's ambassador, showcased his infectious energy and entertained fans with a night filled with music, games, and heartwarming interactions. 

Chanyeol's journey for the night began with a press conference where he candidly answered questions from the press, offering a glimpse into his personality beyond the stage. 

One intriguing question posed to him was about switching positions with other EXO members. He replied with a smile, "If I could switch positions with other members, I will still choose not to switch with anyone. Each member of EXO has their own charming point to express themselves, and I'm beautiful as me, myself." 

The Cherry Prince also took a moment to discuss his fashion choices, favoring a clean and casual look. He shared his appreciation for Penshoppe, mentioning how the brand aligns perfectly with his style preferences. "Good thing, Penshoppe has a lot to offer!" he exclaimed, adding a touch of fashion excitement to the event. 

Also, he opened up about his evolving personal style, noting a shift from street/casual to an adult-looking/casual aesthetic. This revelation provided fans with a deeper understanding of the artist's ever-changing tastes and preferences. 

He kicked off the fanmeet on an electrifying note, gracing the stage with his solo hit "Nothin'" donned with Penshoppe's Holiday Collection. The crowd's energy skyrocketed as he flawlessly transitioned into a series of performances, including beloved tracks like "Tomorrow," "Rodeo Station," "SSFW," and his latest single, "Good Enough." 

Throughout the show, Chanyeol's vibrant personality shone as he engaged with the audience in various ways. 

The host, Ms. Kring Kim led the "Keeping Up with Chanyeol," unveiling oversized envelopes containing questions that allowed fans to delve deeper into the life of the K-pop sensation. 

Chanyeol, ever the entertainer, followed this with a fast-paced Q& A session, answering questions sent in by the audience. "My heart is really warm right now. I think the heat here is through the roof," He remarked, expressing his gratitude to the passionate Manila crowd. 

The warmth was reciprocated as Yeolmaes and EXO-Ls organized a breathtaking rainbow ocean, creating a visually stunning backdrop for the fanmeet. A specially curated fan video, featuring heartwarming messages, further solidified the strong bond between Chanyeol and his devoted fans. 

As a special treat, he showcased his artistic side by designing three exclusive shirts, each given to a lucky fan. The personalized touch added an extra layer of excitement to the event, leaving lucky recipients with a unique and cherished memento. 

In a candid moment, he provided insights into his recent activities, mentioning his focus on recording and staying active through regular exercise. The K-pop idol even playfully teased fans by revealing his well-toned biceps, sending waves of excitement through the audience. 

It's his third visit to Manila in 2023, this time with PENSHOPPE, was undeniably a night to remember. From electrifying performances to heartwarming interactions, the fanmeet was a testament to the unbreakable bond between Chanyeol and his adoring fans. 

As the Cherry Prince continues to make his mark as a Penshoppe ambassador, the Manila fanmeet serves as a captivating chapter in the ongoing love story between Chanyeol and his global fanbase.

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